Behind the Door ( Part 2)

Tara was in shock, how did Mrs.Taylor get in this room without Tara seeing her?  

Mrs.Taylor smiled warmly at Tara as she was sputtering apologies for entering the secret room.  

“Tara, it is Okay, really!  Kristin enjoys scaring her friends, causing them to imagine all sorts of things!  You are safe.  There is no full moon tonight so we won’t be turning into Werewolves and howling at the moon.”

Tara laughed as her heart slowed down.” I don’t understand though, how did you get up here without me seeing you?”

  “Would you believe me if I told you there was a secret passageway? 

“Really?!”  Tara’s eyes grew big, then she saw the mischief in Mrs. Taylor’s eyes and she knew that she had been fooled.  

“I ran up the stairs when your back was turned while you got a drink.  I just ran up here to get something quick.  I see the questions swirling in your head, take a seat and let me explain about this room, if you want me too?”

“Oh yes, please do!”  Tara sat in the cozy armchair and was all ears. 

“Well I like to come up here and think about Bella’s real mother. 

Tara smiled, Bella was their youngest child. An adorable red headed year and a half old.  Tara loved cuddling her in her arms.

 “I wonder what goes through her mind?  Most of all I am so very thankful for the most wonderful selfless gift of love that I can ever imagine!  I pray that her Mom somehow knows how much joy I have inside of me every day because of Bella.

It was a closed adoption, but who knows maybe someday our paths will cross!  Maybe someday I can thank her face to face for her gift of life.”

Tara sat quietly as a stray tear rolled down her cheek.  “Thanks for sharing that with me, Bella is lucky to have you!”

“Oh Thank you my dear!  I guess you could call this my Room of Peace.  When I need a break from the busyness of life I come rock in the Rocking Chair, as I listen to the running water of the fountain.  The kids know not to disturb me when I am in here.”

“I love it! Here Kristin had me so scared to open the door!  I will get her back someday.”  

“You do that! Ahh I found it.”  Mrs.Taylor had been going through a box.  She held up a necklace with half of a heart on it.  “This was a gift from her Mom, I believe her Mom has the other half.  I want to put it in a safer place so that I am sure not to lose it.”

“Tara,  Mom,  Are you up there?  I am ready now Tara, sorry I was late!”

Mrs. Taylor and Tara walked down the stairs.  “What were you 2 doing?”  

Tara winked at Mrs.Taylor, “We just were howling at the moon!”  Tara said. “Wh…What??” asked Kristin

Tara laughed as she went out the door. “Tara, What are you talking about?”

Mrs.Taylor laughed as she waved Bye to the girls.  She was so glad that Tara had come into their lives.  She added a lot of joy!

Later that night Tara laid in her bed thinking.  Thinking how crazy life can be.  How one minute it can seem like its falling apart but eventually  you may sometimes be blessed to see how amazingly things came together.

Tara’s  eyes closed as she held a special necklace in her hand,  half of a heart.


15 thoughts on “Behind the Door ( Part 2)

  1. Really sweet and actually had me surprised actually. I didn’t think Tara was old enough to have a child, but who knows what happened. I like that it was a kind of fate that she was able to be friend’s with her daughter’s mother and sister. That she can hold the little girl, knowing she’s well loved and maybe in a better place to know her and be a good Aunty or friend 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Ellen you are too sweet! I am not sure about being Extraordinary but I am very touched that you enjoyed the story so much!
      I really didn’t know where I was going with this story, but I was happily surprised. 🙂


  2. Nice twist. A few thoughts:

    The story would be stronger if you went back and edited Part 1 to drop some “breadcrumbs” to give readers a sense about Tara’s age (as I read the story, I pictured Tara being about 11 since Ashley’s younger brother still played with Legos), a hint of her “troubled” past (to me, she seemed like a tween who liked cookies), and a brief intro to Bella (during the tour of Ashley’s house, there was nothing to indicate that Bella even existed ~ odd, under the circumstances).

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  3. Whew! I was picturing a criminal scheme going on behind the closed door, or maybe something creepy like the mummified corpse of a great-grandmother. Glad it wasn’t anything like that 🙂


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