Behind the Door

Were they hiding something?  They were a super nice family,  it couldn’t be anything bad, could it?  Tara was contemplating the suspense over the past month.

The new family had moved to the neighborhood last month and Tara became quick friends with their daughter Kristin, who was the same age.  Kristin was very nice and outgoing, and Tara was glad to know her.  They had a lot of fun whenever they were together, but Tara couldn’t get out of her mind the one thing that Kristin had told her when Tara first came over to her house.  She remembered the conversation like it had just happened yesterday.

Before Tara was able to knock on the door, it had swung open!  Kristin’s mom was standing there.  “HI Tara!  Kristin has been excited for you to come.  Would you like some cookies?  They are fresh out of the oven.”

No one had to ask Tara twice if she wanted cookies.  She loved just about any cookie there was, or cake, pie, or brownies.  Yes, it could be said that she  had a sweet tooth!

Kristin came bobbing down the stairs.  “Hey Tara, come see my room!”  Kristin grabbed some cookies as she grabbed Tara’s hand and led her up the stairs. ” Thanks Mom!’, she yelled as they were climbing the stairs.

“Here is my parent’s room.”  Tara peeked in the door.   It was a nicely decorated room with the soft shade of teal walls.   A vase of roses was on the nightstand.   You could smell the lingering fragrance of the perfume that Kristin’s Mom wore.

“This is my little brother’s room, be careful….”,  “OUCH!”  cried Tara.

“Sorry, was going to tell you to be careful where you step.  His legos are everywhere!”

Down the hall a little further they came across another door.  Kristin stopped in front of it and her face got very serious as she looked directly into Tara’s eyes.  “You must not ever open this door!’  Tara gave her a strange look and said, “Why?”  “I can’t answer that, just please don’t open it!”  Tara looked at her normally  hyper, smiling friend.  All traces of a smile were gone now as she was waiting on Tara to respond.  “Okay, I won’t open it, but…”  Kristin cut her off as she put her arm around her neck, ” Now come see my lovely room!”

Tara sat up in her bed as that memory went away.  Since that time she had  tried not to think  about the mysterious door,  but no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get it off her mind.  Why could she not open the door?  What was behind the door?  For a curious person like Tara, this was very hard.  Her curiosity was as strong as her taste for sweets.

She put her head in her hands trying to think,  and she noticed her watch.  OH NO, she was going to be late!  Kristin had called her last night inviting her to come over at 2pm today.  They were going to go shopping.  She better hurry and get ready.

Tara reached the Taylor’s front porch just in time.  Mrs. Taylor opened the door greeting Tara with her lovely smile.  “HI Tara!  Kristin is running late, but she will be here soon.  Make yourself at home as always,  I have to run to the store real quick.”  She walked out the door and then turned back, ”  I almost forgot, there are cookies on the table…. in case you are hungry.”  She winked at Tara as she turned to leave.

Tara smiled as she enjoyed Mrs.Taylor’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies.  She made the best cookies.  She was sitting at the table flipping through a magazine when a thought struck her.  She was alone.  What if she was to…??  No, she couldn’t, could she?  She really shouldn’t.  Would a little peek really hurt?  No one would ever know that she had.  She jumped out of the chair.  It was now or never!  Running up the stairs she went to the secret room.

Her palms were starting to sweat and her heart began to thump.  This was crazy, why was she so nervous!  She would just quickly open the door  and then shut it again.  She had to know, her curiosity was killing her!  She slowly turned the knob, she was half expecting it not to turn.  Why wasn’t the door locked?  This was it,  finally the mystery would be solved.  She swung open the door and walked in.  Tara flipped the light switch and gasped as she turned the corner!








8 thoughts on “Behind the Door

  1. Love the mystery and intrigue unfolding in “Behind the Door”. You have captivated me already! Please don’t keep me in suspense too long. Thank-you for another mesmerizing tale!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Suspenseful! I wondered right away why the door wasn’t locked. If Tara’s new friend truly didn’t want her to open that door she wouldn’t have brought it to her friend’s attention and would’ve lied or something like, that’s my Mom or Dad’s study and no ones allowed in there. Or she wouldn’t have mentioned the door at all or lied abc said, ‘it’s locked’ as Tara wondered about later.
    I hope nothing too bad is behind this door!


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