Another Thought!

Yes, I typically don’t post 2 posts in a day, but…

I was reading,  as I sit with my feet in the sand.  I came across a good quote and wanted to share it, since today is quote day! 

The girl in the story was telling her friend about something that she couldn’t make herself do.  Too painful. The following is a snippet of the conversation.

“I can’t, too much water under the bridge, with whitewater rapids of memories!”

Sharon turned to leave, but said to her friend, ” Come over to my house tonight, I will loan you my canoe.”   (From The Sweet By and By.. By Sara Evans)

Have you been there? Been the friend with the water under the bridge or the one loaning the canoe?

Thank God for friends! And now I am ready to walk the beach again with my dear friend. 


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