A One Track Mind

I am not at the ocean yet, but it is on my mind!! Was trying to think of something to post, and kept thinking about the ocean.  Tried looking at paintings for inspiration which has worked before.  Well  this is the painting that came up!


Aren’t they too cute!  What is the older boy thinking? Hmm…. I would say perhaps something along the line of , “You shouldn’t have double dogged dared me!  Told you I would get you!”

What do you think?  Feel free to share your caption for the picture!

Will be at the beach early tomorrow morning!  A perfect way to start a Monday, I would say! :


22 thoughts on “A One Track Mind

  1. This picture reminds me of my 3 1/2 yr.old Grandson, Benjamin and his older friend Travis – yet again!! Coincidentally, they are both at the Cape this weekend with their families. This painting has very likely been enacted more than once. They do get quite mischievous when together. Enjoy your beach time, you have been “patiently” waiting its arrival! Thank-you for another sweet painting!

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  2. I love this painting. It seems to me st first the littlest boy would shriek and complain but then there would be giggling and laughter as it’s warm out and the water isn’t too cold once you’re used to it.


  3. That painting is wonderful! ❤
    I'm more of a mountain-person than a beach-one and so I cannot really say anything that is in connection with beach about the painting. I actually never have been to a beach; had gone to one once but that was not such a merry visit. But both the little boys in the painting seem to have fun. 😉

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    • I do love the mountains too, but the water at the beach just mesmerizes me! Speaks to my heart.
      Sorry you have an unpleasant memory of the beach, perhaps you can make a good memory sometime!
      Yes I believe they are having lots of fun! 🙂

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