Friday’s Super Short Stories!

How quickly it goes from thinking you know…to realizing you don’t have a clue!

A smell, a sight, a sound…..can warm the heart with memories.

Sharing friendship at the sea…. seashells and sandcastles are beckoning me….very soon the time will be!




9 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. Now, this is a sandcastle – fantabulous!! Friday’s Super Short Stories are thoroughly divine. Too many times I have experienced the first one, just seconds before thinking “this was not a good idea!” The second is so true. The last one must allude to someone’s upcoming vacation. Thank-you for the always entertaining Friday post!

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    • It is quite the sandcastle isn’t it! I plan to replicate it when I am at the beach! Hahaha! I wish!
      Nice to know that you have experienced the first one as well! Though this time it really wasn’t about the “not a good idea” it was more to do with the feeling of confusion.:) not in a bad way, just a suspenseful one!
      Yes, you are very right about the 3rd! Leaving for the beach very early Monday morning!! The one time that I can be a morning person! :LOL!
      Glad you enjoy my “stories”! Have a Fabulous Friday! I always enjoy your comments, so thank you for them!


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