Just Breathe!

My post today is divided into 2 parts. The first one is simply called  Life Before and the other one is Life Now.  The Before portion contains  some parts from  a beautiful poem,
“The River”.  It was written by fellow blogger and friend, Colin Chappell.

I was reading his poem last night and my heart was stirred.  Certain portions of the poem especially stirred my heart.  They made me think of parts of my  life from these past couple years.   I asked Colin if I could use excerpts from one of his poems on my blog,  and he graciously said yes.  You can read “The River” in its entirety,  and other moving poems,  in his newly released book, “Just Thinking”.

Life Before:

The River

Cascading down the mountain,

Hitting rocks and broken trees.

It must have thought so many times,

“Can I survive all this?”


“This is harder than I imagined.

I never believed this to be so.

My life is tearing me apart

Which way must my waters flow?”


“I am divided in my thoughts.

Confused by the turmoil found.

Is this what life is all about?

Where does peace abound?”


Then suddenly all was quiet.

Its waters slowed right down.

The river was once more, a river.

Of the turmoil there was no sound.

                                                                              By Colin Chappell    Copyright 2017

Life Now: 

Just Breathe…Swinging on my porch swing on a lovely summer’s day… Just Breathe…. Reading a relaxing book as I swing.  Putting the book down and gazing at the bright blue sky and letting the fresh air pour into my soul.   Sitting still and enjoying the time of being able to just breathe!

Breathing in joy…. joy and peace!  Ahh!  Peace,  that word that had enjoyed playing an elusive game of  hide and seek with me for so long.  Peace…. not because things are perfect… but because things are better than before.  Peace…. because it is easier now to simply breathe!

Swinging on my porch swing with my lovely daughter,  reliving memories of when she was little and used to sit with me on the swing.  If the old swing could talk what would it say?

Would it tell of when my dear children were little and  would sing along with me?  If you listen hard enough maybe the breeze will blow in their sweet voices from the past.  What about telling the story of  catching fireflies in the dark .  Of looking at the stars as Daddy would point out the Big Dipper.  Would it tell about us just breathing in the silence at times,  as we sat there,  feeling the love that surrounded us.

Just Breathe…..life isn’t perfect…. but there are moments that are perfect….Just Breathe…savor the feeling of peace……  soak in the moments,  for right now,  the river is still.


16 thoughts on “Just Breathe!

  1. Peace! The ultimate challenge for individuals; for countries; for cultures; for religions. It is a bit of a conundrum because while we all surely want peace, we also want it on our terms and will often fight to that end. Good for you for recognizing peace when you see it. Spread the word and, who knows, it might just catch on!

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  2. Touching and heartfelt post, very beautifully written! I think that we often gain peace by “wanting what we have, not having what we want.” Being retired gives one more perspective on what once seemed so important, or maybe the same one just needed to slow down long enough to think about it. Thank-you for a lovely post. I am so waiting for Colin’s “Just Thinking” to arrive on my doorstep!

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