The Right Job!

It is the last day of July!  How can that be?  As the summer gets closer to being over, the time gets closer to me finding a job.  Summer slow down!!!

If I knew the exact job that I was looking for, it would be easier,  but I really don’t know.  Lots of options pass through my mind and then the reasons why that job wouldn’t work passes through just as quickly.

My dear friend who has quite the sense of humor told me to look into driving a Taxi.  Yes, I see your smiles!  I don’t believe that I need to go into detail at why that might not be the best job for me.  Then again, it could be an adventurous ride for some people!

It was suggested that I could work at the hospital.  I could be the person that delivers the trays to patients rooms.  Now at first that sounded great.  I could help spread a smile to those that really need it.  Then it hit me though at the small problem I would face.  I have seen the carts that carry the trays.  They are quite big, and the top rack on them are quite high!  For my new readers , height is not one of my most favorable qualities.  Yes, I am under 5 feet tall, not much, but still under.

Another suggestion was made, what about being a transporter?   You wheel the patients on stretchers and wheelchairs to where they need to go.  Again I would love the patient contact, but…  Some of those stretchers can be pretty big and heavy to push!  Plus what if the stretchers or wheelchairs attract things to them like my vehicle does.  May not have very happy patients!

So the job search continues. There is something out there I know! Any suggestions? 🙂

21 thoughts on “The Right Job!

    • Thank you!
      No nurses do not do those jobs here. There is an opening right now for someone to deliver trays. That is why the position was mentioned to me, plus there is the Transporter position opening as well.
      They are making cutbacks, but not in those areas.

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  1. I spent the majority of my professional years in human resources. That being said, finding the right job at the right time of your life is always a challenging task. I guess I’d have to resort to listing my skills and then what I really enjoy doing and see if I could find a cross reference and go from there. Here’s hoping the perfect job is just around the corner.

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    • Thanks for your thoughts!
      Like you said it can be challenging finding the right job for the right time of your life.
      I am sure I could get another childcare job, just not sure I want another one. Think I would like a change, but don’t know what.
      I have a Medical Asst. degree and worked in Dr.s offices and then in a retirement home. I Loved it, but the lifting got to be too much for my back. That is why I started doing childcare.
      I would go back to a Dr.s office, but most of them tend to be fast paced and I am not as fast paced as I used to be all those years ago! 🙂


  2. I think you would be a wonderful home health or hospice home health aide. So much love you could spread. So much care you could give. But it seems you mentioned above the lifting got to be too much. Not sure if that would be needed, but boy hospice and home health is in great need of good, dedicated caring people like you. But – you must follow your heart and your passion. do something you love, and it will never feel like work!

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    • Awh!! Thank you Jodi for your kind words. I have thought about home health aide before and.checked it out but yes there is lifting involved. I know there are some that aren’t. You are more like a companion to them. I just have to find that person! 🙂
      I have thought about hospice before, my heart goes out to the patient and the family. Would love to help them! You gave me the boost to see what I can find out about working for hospice.
      Thanks! 🙂

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  3. Best of luck with your search.

    If the job delivering trays appeals to you . . . apply and/or talk to them about your concerns about being height challenged. 😀

    There are companion agencies that you could look into . . . I don’t think they necessarily require lifting.

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    • Thank you very much!

      I will see what else is out there, but I may talk to them about the trays. 🙂

      I called 2 agencies that deal with ones that need lifted and ones who don’t. I haven’t found an agency yet that specializes in just companions. The other agencies said it would be too hard to try to make sure that they don’t put me with someone who needs lifted, due to the fact that they deal with both kinds.


  4. I empathize with the job search! Sometimes it’s just not as straightforward as one might think it should be.

    I have no doubt you’d be a great asset with spreading comfort and joy wherever you end up 🙂 But I would definitely try hospice. When my grandfather was sick, there was a companion service that sometimes helped my grandmother. The lady was lovely – she mostly just kept him company so my grandmother could rest or run errands (she wasn’t trained to do anything else, so there was no lifting, etc.).

    We’re now trying to find my grandmother a companion of sorts, but not having much luck. There aren’t really agencies where she is; those roles are usually filled privately. Lack of someone good is a major part of my moving back myself. I don’t know if you’d be comfortable looking for something like that independently, but it was a thought. An independent living facility might also be an idea (if they have those near you) – less physical involvement there but still a great place to spend time soaking up stories!

    I wish you all the best of luck in your search! ❤

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words and your thoughts!! <3!
      I am actually trying to look for something private like that, where I can be a companion. I hope you can find someone for your Grandmother!


  5. I don’t know your background or what your education is. A year program might be a consideration such as I know they have some kind of 1 year nursing thing here a even a two year one. It’s better than gathering bedpans or being aporter. I know some women who do that but they are quite big and strong as it’s a difficult job in that respect.

    Have you thought about being a Teacher’s aid or working in a classroom with a mentally and/or physically handicapped child, helping him but also giving you a chance to help the teacher and other kids?

    The other end for jobs would be starting in a business setting in reception but I think you might get bored of that but that could depend on the company you apply to and what their business concerns.

    I think you’d be an excellent kindergarten or grade one teacher but that might require more education, I’m not sure how it works in the states exactly.

    Cheers and praying you find the right job for you and your family!

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    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for your encouragement!!
      I have a Medical Assistant Degree that I got after HS. I worked in Dr.s offices before taking the patients back to the room and checking their vitals and anything else that the Dr would order. I did enjoy the patients greatly! But it is a very fast paced environment and I don’t think I could go back to that. If I could find a office with just 1 Dr in it, that may be different, but those are rare around here.

      I would need a teaching degree to teach Kindergarten and to even be a Teacher’s Assistant I would as well.

      Thanks again for your sweet words and I will keep you posted about what happens. You are right, I think I would get bored in a business setting, but like you said, it may depend on the company.

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      • Wow, could you work in a children’s hospital or in that area? That might be better than the rest of the hospital. Hope you find something you like soon 🙂

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