Fun with Ice Cream 

Ice cream was calling our name today!  A friend of my daughter’s won a gift certificate for a wonderful ice cream place near us.  She told my daughter that she wanted to treat us to ice cream.  Wasn’t that very sweet of her!

I do love the friends that my kids have.  My husband and I have enjoyed getting to know them over the years.  Our house is always open to them! 

The only negative thing about their friends is that they are growing older.  I was headed into the grocery store last week and a truck pulled up to me with a handsome guy in it telling me “Hi!” 

 I smiled as I returned the greeting and shook my head at him.  How could he be driving now!  This is the same child that would jump around my house with my kids, as they acted like monkeys.  They were between 5 and 7 years old.  Time is just crazy! 

We enjoyed a nice chat.  I laughed as he said how now that he has his license his parents are always sending him out on errands.  I told him that he has many, many errands to run before he even comes close to equaling all the times that his parents.drove him to places.   He laugbed as he agreed.  

So back to the ice cream.  Sorry for the little diversion.  The ice cream was delicious and we talked about school, jobs, and the beach. 🙂

 My daughter’s friend had just got back from a trip to the beach. Her very first time going to the ocean!   She loved it, didn’t want to come back.  I told her that I completely understood!! 

We savored the flavor of the ice cream as we laughed and talked some more. I told them about one of my childhood memories of going out for ice cream with my family.

 I was around 7 or 8years old,  and had ordered a Banana Split, a big one!  I still remember my Dad grinning when he saw my expression at how big it was.  He said that he was sure he would have to help me finish it.  Well much to his surprise he didn’t even get a bite!  I finished the whole thing all by myself.  I don’t know if it was that I was really hungry or more that I was determined to prove my Dad wrong.  At that young of an age I still couldn’t turn down a challenge.  

Fun memories and a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  I hope you are enjoying your Sunday and perhaps you need to take a trip to your closest ice cream shop!  Not just for the ice cream,  but for a time of pleasure with simple conversation. 

16 thoughts on “Fun with Ice Cream 

  1. Joy! We may have telepathy 😂. I was just thinking today, I’ve been on an unhealthy eating roll for a few days now, and the 1 thing I am yet to have is ice cream 😄.
    Glad to hear you had an amazing day out

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  2. I could live on ice cream! Ice cream is not safe in my freezer, because it calls to me and I must answer the call. I always get a flavor that I will not consume so that my daughter will be able to have some. There is a seasonal ice cream stand at the bottom of my street that has unbelievable flavors in my favorite soft serve. It also has all sorts of hard flavors too. Thank-you for this lovely post. Now, if you will excuse me, I think I need the exercise of a walk down the street!

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  3. A pause in the day for ice-cream…a lifetime of good times remembered. I surely understand the shock and awe at how grown up the young ones are now. When did that happen?! All my best to you. Thank you for a warm and lovely summertime essay.

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