Swinging from the Tree

Jinx laid his book down and sighed.  He had to go do something, reading wasn’t helping.  He had to get his mind thinking about something else, for what he was thinking about was driving him crazy.  There were no answers forthcoming about the questions in his head so he needed to just put them out of his brain for now.

“Hey Jangle, why don’t we go for a hike today?”  Jangle looked up from his book about Monkeys and replied.  “Sure, I was beginning to doze off, so some exercise would be good. ”

Jinx looked at Jangle for a little bit and then said, ” I have to ask, why are you reading a book about monkeys? ”

” They are my favorite animal! ”

“Hmm…That would make sense… you do…”

“I do what?” Jangle replied, as he was getting some water bottles together to take. Before Jinx had a chance to answer Jangle dropped both bottles spilling water everywhere! He bent down to pick the bottle up, losing his balance and  doing a belly flop on the floor.

Jinx shook his head thinking how no more needed said, his point had just been proven!

Soon they had a backpack together of some snacks and more water bottles and were ready to go.

They had been walking for a little while in silence admiring the colorful birds flying around, looking for the “Nene” the Hawaii State Bird.  Soon they came to a meadow where they could sit and rest for awhile and enjoy their snacks.  After a little rest Jinx pulled a kite out of the backpack.

“Oh great idea Jinx, I didn’t know you had a kite!”

“Yes, I bought it awhile ago and thought today would be a great day to try it out.”

Jinx unrolled the string of the red kite and started to run with it. The bright red kite was going higher and higher into the air and  Jinx was smiling ear to ear.

“Hey Jinx, you may want to look out for the ….”

It was too late, the red kite has already got tangled high up in the branches of the tree!  Jinx stood there and scratched his head for a second and then decided there was only one thing to do, he started to climb.

Jangle walked to the tree to watch Jinx more closely as he climbed. ” Be careful that you don’t fall,  you don’t exactly have that great of balance you know!”

Jinx almost had the kite in his grasp when he slipped!  He was hanging by one hand.  He tried to grab the other branch but missed.  He swung a leg up onto the other branch and slowly tried to make his way to the kite again.  Finally he got it, but just as he did he started to fall backwards!  He grabbed a branch as he was hanging half upside down.  He was beginning to really wonder about his “smart” idea in climbing the tree.  Worried a little about what consequences his actions may lead to, but it was too late now.  With his heart beating fast he twisted his body around to get a better grip on the branch.  He did a little more tricky maneuvering and finally it paid off.   He let out a big breath as both of his feet finally touched the ground.

Jangle was smiling as he looked at Jinx. “Glad you made it back down, that was quite the show to watch!” Jinx rolled his eyes.

” Here Jangle, why don’t you have a turn, I think I may grab another snack.”

Jangle was glad to take the kite.  They both had a relaxing afternoon of taking turns flying the kite and making sure that they stayed away from the tree.

Back home that night Jangle picked his book back up to read.  He started laughing.

“What is so funny?”

“Oh I am just looking at a picture in here.  It reminded me of you!  See how the monkey is hanging halfway upside down!  It is too bad that I didn’t have any bananas to throw up to you while you were in the tree!  You made a fine monkey my friend, a fine monkey indeed!”



6 thoughts on “Swinging from the Tree

  1. Jinx and Jangle are the most adventurous of elves! I try to picture these two as they cavort here and there. I see them as pudgy and huggable and totally adorable. Thank-you for another delightful misadventure of Santa’s helpers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Love your description of these crazy elves that keep getting themselves into funny predicaments. So glad that you are enjoying their adventures, I always am delighted to please my readers. 🙂


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