Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! There can be so many meanings in just one word, like I said in my post this week-end. All it takes is One Word.  What is one word that is on your mind today?  is it bringing you good memories or driving you crazy?  Perhaps your word will be used in one of the quotes today. Quotes: Where many words are put together to form some wonderful meanings! 🙂  Which quote will be your favorite?  Have an Amazing Day!  May many smiles come your way!


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3. 15267899_1292725860800765_8394457951435400441_nOH YES, I remember these mornings.   Not everything is as true now. No more having to ask about brushed teeth, BUT… still the coat battle!

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5. louis-lamour-start-writing-louis-lamour-quote

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9. exceptional-living


18 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. #7 had me laughing out loud. What a sad fate, going sane! 🙂 And as for #9, someone really ought to market scales with positive messages, if they don’t already. A digital scale that would show some kind of cheerful message on the screen before displaying a person’s weight would likely be a popular product, and it would be very easy to manufacture too.

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  2. Tuesday’s Thoughts is dynamite today, even better than best!! I can not choose a favorite one – some are sweet, some are witty, some are cute, some are funny and many are profound. Thank-you!

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    • Your comments always make me smile! Thanks Ellen! I like to have variety in the quotes and I guess I did that today! 🙂
      If you have noticed I love people commenting on their favorites, but I don’t list mine, basically for the same reason as you just mentioned above. 🙂 There are the times when a certain one really stands out to me, but I like them all. If I didn’t I wouldn’t post them. 🙂 I just enjoy seeing which ones stand out the most to my readers! Number 7 made my day with laughter!


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