The Magic Spell


“What do you think Danny? Think our sandcastle will stay standing and not be swept away?”

“I do! Don’t you?”

“I do!  I gave it some magic powers!”

“Magic powers?  Gee Trevor, you are so smart!  What did you do?”

“Do you promise not to tell?”

“I promise!  Nothing will make me tell, not even a double dog dare!”

“Cross your heart and pinky swear?”

“Yes, yes, yes, now what magic did you give it?”

“Its buried underneath the castle and I just know it will work!”

“What is it Trevvy, tell me!”

“Daddy’s phone! ”

“WHAT!” You buried….”

“SSH! You promised not to tell!”

“OK  brother, but I don’t understand, Daddy’s phone not magic!”

“Sure it is!  There has to be something magical about it, for he looks at it all the time! Remember when you were doing your goofy dance trying to get his attention?  He didn’t look up, even when Mommy yelled.  It is like he was under a powerful magic spell!”

“And now our castle is under that strong magic spell!  Gee brother, that is swell!”

Just then a giant wave came and collapsed the sand castle,  sweeping the phone deep into the ocean!”

Shock and dismay covered the boys faces!  Trevor turned to his brother and said, “Remember Danny, you promised not to tell!”




13 thoughts on “The Magic Spell

  1. Absolutely LOVE this story!! Just have to love the logic of a child. The picture is too adorable! The little fellow on the left looks like my Grandson, Benjamin and the other like his best friend Travis. Thank-you for so much laughter on a Monday morning.

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  2. Both funny and sad at the same time — kids really do notice when they’re getting ignored in favor of a phone, and parents (along with just about everyone else) need to be more aware of what’s going on in the moment.

    Liked by 1 person

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