All it takes is One Word

via Daily Prompt: Gate

When I saw this word in my Reader for the Daily Prompt I laughed as I shook my head. I laughed for the word “gate” brought an incident from my past  to my mind that I had been talking about with friends just that day.

I had shared before how pictures can jog your brain and bring back memories that make you smile. How you can look at one picture and be transported back in time. Words can do the same. One word  can hold more meaning then just its definition.  They can remind us of fun conversations and crazy incidents.

My friend texted me last night.  She was watching a show and on it the boyfriend had a pet name for his girlfriend. It was “Fluffer Nutter”.  I laughed as I texted her back.  That used to only be the name of a sandwich that I loved eating when I was younger.  Last year I had told my dear friends about the sandwich, which they had never heard before, and suffice to say their response changed the meaning of that name for me forever.

The word “monopoly” makes me think of how every Christmas when I was a child we would have a big Monopoly game between my older siblings and my parents . I  remember being so excited when I was finally old enough to play.  Though after losing multiple times I found it more fun to cheer my brother and sister on.  The object was for someone to beat my Dad and it was obtained a few times.

When someone mentions the word truffle, I want to go back to Switzerland and have some of their truffles.  Want to sit by the lake again as we sample the different kinds that we had  purchased at the shop.  A beautiful spring day of watching a Swan on the lake and filling our stomach with sweet treats.

I obviously can never hear the word “Jackalope” again now without thinking of Jaxon, and the story behind how he came to be one of the characters on Moonbeam Farm.   I hear the word “owl”  and immediately think of the sharp wit of Odessa, and of course Dewey rules when the word “cat” comes up!  Don’t you all agree?

Phrases like ” May I help you” and “Just ask”, are polite phrases that we all know.  These 2 phrases hold an additional meaning for me now,  given the number of times I have heard them and the context that they were in.  All in a fun way, but they certainly don’t only hold the polite meaning for me anymore.

Mention the word “pond” and I can still hear the sounds of the bullfrogs from the pond I visited so many times over 20 years ago.  The word “butterfly”  reminds me of the pet butterfly that my youngest had taken care of until its wing healed and it could fly again.

The list is unending!  What words compile the list in your brain?  What images do they bring to your mind?   May your day be blessed with wonderful words today.   May you hear them and spread them to others.   We can never spread too many words bring smiles to others.  Words that evoke pleasant images in your mind and bring a smile to the heart with perhaps a laugh as well.


64 thoughts on “All it takes is One Word

  1. “Whatever!” – Now there is a word that has an almost infinite number of meanings and, by logical extension, many applications. Oh… there are just so many memories of using such a word! 🙂


  2. Colin I think you may need to come to ocean city Maryland with Carolyn and I since her threats are scaring me for all the stories I’ve shared with you. Wait I’m taller then her. I don’t need a bodyguard. Lol I’ll make sure to put my car in park at all times to avoid it running off on me. And maybe I’ll sleep in my clothing, so I don’t get caught out side in my pjs.

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    • Hi Sherry – Based on what I have experienced, together with the many, many comments received about Carolyn’s personality… there is no need to fear. She’ll make any attempts at revenge so complex and convoluted that they cannot possibly work! 🙂


      • Oh my gosh! Sherry dear you go ahead and rest in Colin’s reassurance! My readers just may end up finding out the truth once we get back from the beach. Or perhaps I will post about the revenge when at the beach. I am sure they would enjoy reading about it and who knows maybe seeing pictures too. 🙂
        And Colin do you care to elaborate on your “many, many!” statement??


        • Did you misunderstand Becky? I think she was offering to be your bodyguard because Sherry has a distinct height advantage, and is no doubt less confused in general than you appear to be! I do think that you need more help than Sherry! 🙂


      • Becky I think you need to help set our confused friend straight!
        You were thinking about Sherry, right?
        For contrary to what Colin says, No, I won’t need help!
        Come and see Becky, for I may need a witness to speak for me, since Sherry probably won’t admit that it worked. Then again there are always pictures that can be used as proof 🙂

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      • OOOOH so much I could say in response to your comment Colin, and my face is expressing it!! LOL!
        BUT I would rather respond to Becky! I knew I was right! 🙂 YES, you are very right in that size doesn’t always matter, some things can still be accomplished quite well in spite of size. It’s just having the sharp wit to know how to do it! 🙂

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  3. At the request of one of my readers, I will explain the gate story that I made reference to in the beginning of this post. She was waiting for an explanation of the story as she read my post and never got one, so here it is!

    Legend has it that many, many years ago in a far off land there lived a young girl. One night she returned to her home late at night. She was tired and parked her car in the driveway and soon was in her bed fast asleep.
    Birds were chirping to greet the day the next morning. This girl was sleepy and wanted to put the pillow over her head, but wait, the phone was ringing! In a sleepy daze the phone was answered. There was a not too happy farmer on the other end. He was wanting to know how this girl’s car ended up in his sheep pasture!
    The girl and her roommate were as shocked as he was as they looked out the window. Sure enough the girl’s car was gone from the driveway!
    Running outside in early morning attire, the farmer had the girl jump up on the edge of his tractor as they went down taking a bumpy ride through the gate, or what used to be a gate, and down the hills. The car was surrounded by curious sheep looking at the newest “sheep” in their flock.
    The car was hitched to the tractor for another bumpy ride up to the driveway where it was parked once again.

    Legend also has it that this girls roommate has found this story so amusing throughout the years that she has passed it on too many. Recently to another friend who also saw the amusement in it as they laughed together. BUT it is told that the wonderful girl who owned that car, well…. she ended up getting the last laugh in this story when she…… Stay tuned…. that story is to come! 🙂

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    • Wow wow!! Now this is a story that has intrigue and hilarity rolled into one.

      I have lots of questions:
      Was she, umm…drunk??
      Did the girl in pjs know about her somnambulist tendencies?
      Did the car roll down the hill?
      The ever important Gate: why wasn’t it closed?
      Putting in a scare: was the house or the countryside, haunted??
      Most pertinent: were the sheep unhappy to see the car go?

      All these and more would be answered in the forthcoming series :))

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      • OH MY! While I am touched that you enjoyed this story, I am sorry to say that I really don’t see a series coming out of it. There is just not enough information about this wonderful girl! I do need something to write about for my blog today, but not sure how I could write any more on this legend. There are 2 of your questions though that I can try my best to answer for you. Don’t want to leave you in suspense about too much! 🙂
        Number 1 about her being drunk….. to the best of my knowledge I am pretty confident that she was not drunk and as for somnambulist tendencies? Well first of all I will admit that I had to look that word up. 🙂 BUT can say with confidence that I do not believe she was sleepwalking either.
        Curious… what do you think the answers are to the questions?

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        • Really Joy, it was so good reading the story. Because you had kept it open ended, I wished you would give us another installment 🙂 But, no worries. As it is, the story teases my imagination.

          There are so many answers to the questions that now I am tempted to weave another tale around it.

          Let me try it in a post of mine :))

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  4. Such a very nice post! It’s funny how once you have an association attached to a word, it’s always there! 🙂 And the gate story is great…. it does create much speculation! 🙂

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