Fly Little Girl Fly!


Fly Little Girl Fly, Fly high, for now you are free!

No longer held down by pain, you can soar forevermore!

Swing your legs that you once couldn’t move.

Legs that once felt so heavy and had you pinned down, now feel as light as a feather when you swing them around.

Fly High Little Girl, Fly above the trees, you are now free!

When you are tired of flying, catch a cloud as it passes by and take a ride.

Then you can rise again, flying with the beautiful birds in the crystal blue sky.

Fly Little Girl Fly, Fly high in the sky!

Run Little Girl Run, Run in the green meadow that never ends with the magical flowers that are forever in bloom!

Let your legs carry you through the grass that feels as soft as a baby’s breath.

Let the grass tickle your feet as you giggle with glee, Sweet Little Girl, you have been set free!

Run Little Girl Run, until you want to take a rest, nestling down into the baby’s breath.

Lay on your back as you look at the clouds. Rest for awhile letting your heart smile!

Smile Little Girl Smile!

Fly Angel Girl Fly!





17 thoughts on “Fly Little Girl Fly!

  1. This is a beautiful piece and speaks to me of many little girls that I once knew. Though now retired, I was a pediatric nurse for special needs children. It was my privilege to become part of some precious lives and they gave me much more than I ever gave to them. I still miss them. Thank-you!

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    • Oh Ellen I am sure that you were a blessing to those precious kids!
      Thank you for the care you gave them and I am glad that my poem could speak to you.
      I am sure like you said , that they blessed you very much too. Children are so special! ❤


    • Thanks for reading and for your comment! I saw the swinging picture and it just grabbed my attention as something to write about. Was glad that I could find the picture with the flowers . 🙂


  2. I read this the day you posted but as you know I spent last week at Mega Sports Camp teaching Cheer to approximately 26 young ladies.
    It made me think of a little girl that passed away recently. She fought a long hard battle with cancer. She is flying high, pain free in the arms of Jesus.

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