Down Memory Lane

I was taking a walk down memory lane looking at an old photo album. I have several of them plus many more  pictures that are trapped in the computer and on my phone. They really need to escape soon to be put into books.

I love how pictures can transport you back in time. No matter how long ago it was. your brain sees the picture and recalls the memory associated with them. The feelings, sounds and smells  of long ago can be brought back instantly by only a picture.

Yes, there also has  been the times that I am staring at the picture trying to recall who or what I was taking a picture of. That probably won’t get any better as I get older, but we won’t go there now.

I believe pictures are important in our journey through life. Not just documenting the big things, but the little things as well. I love taking spontaneous pictures, not waiting for people to pose. They make some of the best pictures.

Remembering that story that I posted about in In a Flash may have led me to drag out my photo albums. So many years of memories in them. I was transported back to Maine where I went with my parents and sister when I was a teenager. Warm feelings came back as I gazed at pictures from that trip.  My smiling  Mom, my sister daydreaming of her boyfriend and a picture of my Dad being his happy self.

Then there was the perfect shot of my sister getting splashed by a big wave! Yes, I may have been laughing behind the camera. I also love this one of my Dad just looking out at the water. Maine is a beautiful place to be.

I kept flipping pages and came across another picture. This one didn’t exactly bring back a happy memory at first, but I did end up laughing. Let me explain. I was 16 years old and had my very first ear infection. Never had them as a baby or toddler, when they are so common. After 3 antibiotics my infection was only getting worse! To make a long story short, I ended up needing surgery to have my mastoid bone removed. The infection was in the bone and there was a high risk of the infection spreading to the brain. The picture was of me after the surgery with my head wrapped, resembling a Mummy.

I looked at the picture at first thinking of how painful that time was and of the awful time I had before surgery. I was awakened by the surgeon at 5:30am and told that I couldn’t have anything to eat or drink  because I would be having surgery that morning. Okay I understood that, I had been through  surgeries before. Unfortunately due to human error and a emergency coming up for the Dr. my surgery was delayed. The problem was no one knew what was going on. The nurses kept saying I would be having surgery soon, so no I couldn’t have a drink. I was offered ice chips instead. I ended up having my surgery at 10pm that night! To say that day tried my patience is an understatement!

I reflected on that picture being thankful that I never had an experience like that again, and I laughed as I remembered what I had said when brought back to my room after the surgery. I was still pretty much out of it as I saw my anxious parents standing by my bed. I raised my head off the pillow and said, “I’m alive!” and laid back down going back to dreamland. Guess I wanted to reassure my parents. 🙂

What would we do without memories, even the painful ones can sometimes bring a smile.

Why don’t you take a walk down memory lane today. A good exercise for your brain and your heart. Fill your heart with warm feelings and smiles.




8 thoughts on “Down Memory Lane

  1. Excellent advice! The older one grows, the more traveled that road down memory lane becomes. They are not always joyful trips, but productive if only to remind one to be grateful for surviving life’s challenges. I notice that you did not share the photo of your post surgery mummy head. Some photos are not for sharing, right?

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