Friday’s Super Short Stories and more

Simple answers aren’t always so simple!

Curiosity creates questions…questions lead to answers which create more curiosity, leading  to more questions….. it’s a never ending cycle!

Now I will help cure the curiosity of some, though Colin may have already cured some curiosity.  I told him to feel free to share his answers on yesterday’s post.

Yesterday I had posted some short trivia questions about the gang that lives at Moonbeam Farm. The 4 characters that can easily charm their way into your heart. I am sure some of you have been up during the night wondering what the right answers are. May your curiosity be cured as you read on!

1.What are 2 of Dewey’s favorite things to do? Eating and sleeping! His belly is never full and he can sleep anywhere. Remember he fell asleep in the boat! But as some of you mentioned there is something else that ranks right up there with those 2, and that is giving the Man-servant a hard time! He is dedicated to that for sure. 🙂

2.  Who can be sassy putting the others  in their place pretty quickly with their quick wit? Yes, all the characters can be a little sassy, but Odessa is the WINNER! She can make the Man-servant speechless!

3. Who thought they had a wonderful plan to make Dewey be able to fly, what could possibly go wrong? (answer found in Dewey’s Flight!)  Jaxon, and as to what went wrong…. well you will have to read the story. 🙂

4. Who can be sly and give back as good as he gets? The Man-servant! Some of you have mentioned before how you feel sorry for the Man-servant at times, there really is no need to. He is very good at paybacks. The The Big Wheel is just one example of how sly he can be!

5. Where do they all live? Moonbeam Farm, where there is a never a dull moment!

6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how good is Dewey at being patient? Now Poor Dewey did not rate very well with those who answered. One of you, who will go unnamed, (my Sassy Sis) gave Dewey a 0!!  If you would rate Dewey’s level of patience higher than a 2, please chime in! LOL!  I say a 4, and on a good day maybe even a 5. Then again, perhaps that is stretching it.

7. Who was stranded while being up high, deciding to just enjoy the view? The Man-Servant, thanks to Jaxon and Dewey! He didn’t even thank them for letting him rest awhile as he enjoyed the sights. 🙂

It was pointed out to me though that this question could actually have 2 answers. Before the Man-servant was stranded on the Big Wheel, Dewey and Jaxon were stranded on the roof! A plan of Dewey and Jaxon’s kind of backfired in that story. The Rooftop Incident 

8. This question is from a story further back, but I am sure there are some of you that remember. Who took a long journey, leaving behind their friends at the Farm? (making them curious, not to mention me, as I was sent the story part by part each day. Yes, Colin enjoys testing my curiosity!)  Odessa! If you have not read Colin’ s great story about her journey, I encourage you to. It is longer then most stories, but worth it. Here is a link to Part 1. Odessa’s Journey – Part 1

Thanks again for your love of these characters and the stories that Colin and I write. It is always fun to hear your responses about the stories.

Oh yes, there is one more question! How could I possibly forget it. It was the question about how Moonbeam Farm got its name. That one was a hard question, for apparently none of you remembered reading about it in any of the stories! Of course that could be due to the reason that the answer wasn’t in any of the stories! 🙂  A sly question, YES! Remember it was Colin who asked it. 🙂

It is a mystery, but I do like my sister’s answer. The Farm shines brightly as the Moonbeam casts its glow!



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