An Early Morning

Good Morning! I was awake way too early this morning? 4am! Crazy to be wide awake at that time, but I was. Any clue as to why, for I don’t have any. I did end up texting my sister who was up at 4am to get on the plane to come back home. I told her she must be the reason, since her brain was awake, so was mine! We do tend to share the same brain at times.

I went back to sleep at 6, but only slept for a hour until I awoke again.So now I am listening to Pandora on my computer and enjoying the stillness of the morning. I have already done a load of laundry, but who knows how productive the rest of my day will be. I have a feeling that the following picture may define me by this afternoon.

984da84fc9ea242915a26de29df480e2 It was an exciting book, but…..

Perhaps something so exciting will happen today that will keep me wired and awake! Maybe? Yes? No, probably not!What do you think?

I heard yesterday that it is always good to keep the brain working, brain therapy they say! Since I care about the health of your brains, here is some fun trivia for all of you. Trivia that has to do with “The Odessa Chronicles”,  the book that Colin and I are currently working on.  A book for the young and old. It is about our wonderful, crazy friends; Odessa, Dewey, Jaxon and of course the Man-servant! If you haven’t read any of our stories about Odessa the Barn Owl, Dewey the Tabby Cat, Jaxon the Jackalope and the Man-servant, then wait no longer. They are humorous,  fun, special characters that we have come to love. Here is a link to the latest story about them. The Big Wheel

Now get those brains working! I promise I won’t make you strain your brains too hard!  Think you can get them all right? Have fun, just guess if you don’t know. For you never know you may turn out being right.

1. What are 2 of Dewey’s favorite things to do?

2.  Who can be sassy putting the others  in their place pretty quickly with their quick wit?

3. Who thought they had a wonderful plan to make Dewey be able to fly, what could possibly go wrong? (answer found in Dewey’s Flight!)

4. Who can be sly and give back as good as he gets?

5. Where do they all live?

6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how good is Dewey at being patient?

7. Who was stranded while being up high, deciding to just enjoy the view?

8. This question is from a story further back, but I am sure there are some of you that remember. Who took a long journey, leaving behind their friends at the Farm? (making them curious, not to mention me, as I was sent the story part by part each day. Yes, Colin enjoys testing my curiosity!)







32 thoughts on “An Early Morning

  1. Okay, here goes: (1) Eat and annoy the man-servant; (2) They’re all kind of sassy, but I’ll pick Odessa; (3) Jaxon (4) the man-servant; (5) Moonbeam Farm; (6) Dewey doesn’t seem to have much patience at all, so I’d rate him at 2 on a good day; (7) the man-servant; (8) Odessa.

    As for how Moonbeam Farm got its name, Florence the previous owner named it, right?

    And, if I may ask, why is the book called The Odessa Chronicles? That seems kind of unfair to the other characters, leaving them out like that! 🙂

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    • Oops had pushed Send too quickly!
      Just a 2 for Dewey? LOL!
      You are always welcome to ask questions. The other characters were in agreement about the title of the book. We never would want to hurt any of their feelings! I believe you will understand the reason for the title when you see the book. 🙂
      Thanks for being a faithful fan 🙂


  2. 1. Dewey likes to sleep and the ear, he enjoys carp I think. Playing tricks on the man servant is up there.

    2. Odessa

    3. Jaxon did with his magic

    4. The Man servant?

    5. Moon Beam Farm

    6. 2

    7. I think Dewey when Jaxon made him fly

    8. Odessa to find her mom I think. Her family

    9. Good question I don’t know how it got its name 🙂

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  3. Ok – let’s give this a go from memory and not looking at others’ comments 🙂 1 – sleep and eat, 2 – Odessa, 3- Jaxon, 4- Dewey, 5 – Moonbeam Farms, 6- 1, 7- Manservant, 8- Odessa………… so……. how did I do???

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    • You will find out tomorrow Jodi! 🙂 The answers will be revealed. Thanks for giving it a shot. 🙂 Easy, eh?
      Shaking my head at your answer of 1 for Dewey though! That seems to be the general consensus! Again, poor Dewey 🙂

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          • Well…. at your prompting, here are the correct answers:
            1. Dewey’s favorite things to do? Eat and sleep (He is a cat after all).
            2. Who keeps everybody under control? Odessa of course.
            3.Who tried to make Dewey fly? Only Jaxon could come up with that idea!
            4. Who gives as good as he gets? Well the “he” eliminates Odessa…. so it’s the Man-Servant.
            5. Where do they all live? Moonbeam Farm of course!
            6. Rate Dewey’s patience level. Either 1 or 2 is good. Anything higher is delusional!
            7. Who was stranded on an all time high? The Man-Servant on the Big Wheel.
            8. Who went on a long solo journey of enlightenment? Only one correct answer. Odessa!
            Bonus question 9: How did Moonbeam Farm get its name? Carolyn asked me that question quite a while ago, and repeatedly since… but she is having trouble grasping some basic facts:
            When Odessa found the farm, it was already called Moonbeam Farm. We know from later stories that Florence (human) knew it as Moonbeam Farm when she was a child and stayed there with her grandparents. Perhaps her grandparents named it, or perhaps it was Moonbeam Farm when they bought it. Who knows! Can one of you please explain that to Carolyn in terms that she will understand? Many thx. 🙂


            • Oh Gosh! I see what happens when I say that you are free to leave your answers!
              Delusional if higher than a 2 for Dewey. No comment!
              The correct answers eh! Well the real answers are in today’s blog post! Just saying! 🙂

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              • For everybody’s entertainment, the following is a transcript from a relatively recent dialogue between Carolyn and myself regarding the name Moonbeam Farm:

                CJS: How did Moonbeam Farm get its name again? It just popped in your head, sounding like a good name, you were gazing at the Moon, or something more? 🙂
                CC: Moonbeam Farm did not get that name again…. as it only had it once!
                CJS: Oh golly gee! I didn’t mean again as in a 2nd time. I know Moonbeam Farm was only named once, so how did it get its name the first time? 🙂
                CC: Of course it was only named once, that’s why it is still Moonbeam Farm! What part of this do you not understand?
                CJS: Forget the words first, second and once or twice. Just plain and simple. 🙂 How did Moonbeam Farm get its name?
                CC: I have no idea. It was already called that when Odessa found it, and thought that it would make a good home for Jaxon, Dewey and herself (don’t you read our stories?). Based on Florence (human)’s comments, I would deduce that either her grandparents named it Moonbeam Farm, or they (like Odessa) found it already named as such. If you ever find out, please let me know as it is an interesting question!
                CJS: Oh I will be sure to let you know when I find out, because I am nice. 🙂 The funny thing is that I really don’t think I will have to let you know, for I have a strange feeling that when I find out, you will already know. Just saying….. 🙂
                CC: Well now you are talking in riddles because if I knew what you knew, then you would have no need to ask me, and if I thought that you knew what I knew, then I would not need to tell you would I!
                CJS: Colin!! No, I don’t know what you know or I wouldn’t be asking you now would I?
                And I should probably so delete what I just said because I can already predict the response. But you know there is that part of me that just can’t help but think that just maybe sometime I will be wrong. 🙂
                CC: If you don’t know what I know…. then what was “I really don’t think I will have to let you know, for I have a strange feeling that when I find out, you will already know.” all about?
                Just to digress a little, I have a t-shirt sent to me by you that says “IF I AGREE WITH YOU, THEN WE WILL BOTH BE WRONG!” Regarding your earlier comments, and specifically your last sentence, I guess that you are wrong!

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  4. I can’t believed I got the one wrong about the manservant on the big wheel, I just read that one. Interesting background on the farm, I didn’t know that bit.

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  5. Ok, Carolyn and Colin,
    How are you going to resolve this? I suggest you both write your best story of how Moonbeam farm got its name, and let your readers decide which it shall be. You can’t tell us who wrote what, so it will be fair…Because you know friendships interfere with fairness sometimes.😉

    Then again..I do feel a friendship with Colin although I’ve never met him, but I’ve been friends with Carolyn for…well, I won’t go there….

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    • You gave Dewey a 7, you are sooo nice, Dewey likes you. 🙂 There is someone else who may say that you are delusional but don’t worry about him.
      You won Dewey’s favor but Odessa may be upset with you! Yes she can give back as good as SHE gets but the question says HE 🙂 🙂


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