Secrets of the Ocean

via Daily Prompt: Jangle

When I saw the word prompt for today I had to smile! There really is only one way to write a post around this word, right?

Welcome to another story about your favorite elves! If you have not read about Jinx and Jangle yet on my blog, here is a link to my latest story about them. The “Clever” Idea! They are 2 very unique elves that were sent to Hawaii for awhile, to give Santa a break.

Secrets of the Ocean

Jinx and jangle were relaxing in their beach chairs on the white sand.  “I really am going to miss the ocean, when we go back to the North Pole.” said Jangle. “Yes, it is so peaceful watching and listening to the sound of the waves, nothing else like it.” replied Jinx

They sat for awhile in silence, being mesmerized by the waves. Jangle got up then to stretch his legs and he took a little walk down closer to the water. Something caught his eye, what was it? He reached down to pick it up, just as a large wave came rolling in knocking  him off balance. Down he fell into the water! He came up sputtering but had managed to still  be holding onto the object that  he had grabbed. It was a bottle and there was a note inside it!

He walked quickly over to Jinx to show him  what he had found. Jinx was still laughing as he had watched Jangle’s graceful fall into the water.

Jangle was too busy trying to get the folded paper out of the bottle to worry about Jinx laughing at him. “What do you think it may say, Jinx?”  Jinx thought for a little and then excitedly said, ” Perhaps it is a map to a lost treasure!”  Jangle said, ” It could be, if so, you will have to let me read the map. We both know how great your sense of direction is. We would end up getting lost, trying to find the lost treasure!”  “Ha Ha”, said Jinx, though he knew what Jangle had said did have some truth in it.

At last Jangle got the cap off the bottle and pulled out the note. He unrolled the  paper to find only a few words. “Those with curious minds can ….”   the paper had been torn. He turned over the paper but no words were there. “Oh No, the note can’t just say that, there has to be more! We need to find the rest of the note!”  Jangle was shaking the note  as if more words would just magically fall out of it.  Jinx sighed, a treasure map would have been so much better!

“Why don’t we take a walk along the beach, you never know, we may find another bottle!” Jangle agreed, why not, it was a beautiful day.

They had been walking for awhile and spied lots of shells, a horseshoe crab and some jellyfish, but sadly no other bottle. “I think we should turn around now”, said Jinx, “I am getting tired.” Jangle was getting tired to and quickly agreed with Jinx.

They were almost back to their chairs when Jangle turned to Jinx and said, “I am really  getting hungry, what kind of food did you pack for us today?”

Jinx just stared at Jangle. “Why are you staring at me like that?” asked Jangle. Jinx continued to stare for a little bit longer, then said rather loudly “It wasn’t my turn to pack the food, it was yours! I pack every other Tuesday and every Thursday and the 3rd Sunday of the month, oh and the 2nd Friday of the month and you pack the other days. How much more simpler can it be?”

Jangle was quiet for a few moments, then looking at Jinx he said, “Well I would suggest that you pick up your pace in walking, for the quicker we get back to the house, the quicker we will have food.” With that being said, Jangle took off running, leaving Jinx to pick up the beach chairs.

Meanwhile further on down the beach, just a little past where Jinx and Jangle had turned around,  a little boy was building a sand castle. A larger wave rolled in almost knocking down the sand castle, the little boy sighed with relief that the sand castle was still standing. He went back to building when he noticed something that the wave had brought in. “Hey Mommy, look what I found! It is a bottle with a note inside!”

Joey’s Mom came over to him and took the bottle. Opening it up she pulled out the paper. It was torn, but she still was able to make out some words at the top of the page. She unfolded it to see if there were more words,  and Joey’s eyes got big. “Mommy, it is a map! Maybe it will lead us to some secret treasure!” His Mom smiled, as she thought of the words at the top of the map. “find adventure with this map, who knows what treasure it may lead you to.”







14 thoughts on “Secrets of the Ocean

  1. Jangalicious!! Jangle and Jinx were so close to a great adventure, yet missed – will they ever know? But , these clever little elves will surely have other adventures, maybe even better ones than an old treasure hunt. Good Luck guys!

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