The Stories behind the Pictures

In my post yesterday,  What do you Think?, I shared 3 pictures of different  animals. They were  all wearing  different expressions. Expressions that crossed my face on Tuesday.  I asked for your thoughts on what they were thinking and loved the creative answers! Some of you were  pretty accurate with some, as to what I was really thinking on Tuesday.

The first picture totally sums up my response to dealing  with KFC. (Kentucky Fried Chicken) We had stopped there on our way to our friend’s house. We were getting chicken for everyone. We ordered a large bucket. We wanted half of it Extra Crispy and Half Grilled. Not a complicated order. The cashier nodded her head, said Okay, and took my order. When we got to my friend’s house, we discovered that there wasn’t any grilled chicken! Zip, zero, nada!

c6f426a067e26f398cbeb115ab62ba54 Yes, that described my reaction pretty well!  I called KFC to let them know, and the response I received. “We don’t sell grilled chicken anymore.” Again this expression crossed my face! “Seriously!” I informed them that it would have been nice if the cashier would have told me that when she took my order. The response, ” Oh, well sorry!” Yes, they weren’t exactly putting out a lot of effort with their apologies!

What do you do? We had a nice lunch anyway, it was more about the company than the food. 🙂 But I do still shake my head at how they took my order for grilled chicken even though they don’t sell it anymore! And I do think they made a mistake  getting rid of it, for their grilled chicken was VERY GOOD!

After lunch we played cards. It is a well known fact that I rarely win when we play cards. So yes, this next picture described my feelings perfectly, when I pulled off a historical win on a historical day!

f95f4981873009815df70bf57f8a71d1 Who knows, I could have turned the tables of history and things may be different from now on! 🙂

It was a hot day and the pool was calling our name. Sherry has a very comfy float to lay on. It was like having a recliner in the pool! It was perfect to relax on as I enjoyed conversation with my very dear friend! I was feeling as content as the frog in this picture.

b79c30090705cec3d7b58fdd7b00c558 Does a picture here describe you at all? Feel free to add another caption to them in the comments below. I am sure it will bring a smile to my face and to others. Wishing all of you a day filled with  smiles and laughter, just like the owl!


12 thoughts on “The Stories behind the Pictures

  1. Pic 1 – My common reaction after reading some of your emails.
    Pic 2 – My face as I contemplate so many possible responses to above emails.
    Pic 3 – My decision to just reply with Whatever!”…. and then just chill!


  2. Such cute pictures that capture your sentiments perfectly! Same thing happened to my daughter and I at KFC and we were eating there – unbelievable, huh?! Thank-you for an adorable post.

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  3. KFC should really rethink that one especially with all the gluten and wheat allergies. You are so much nicer than I am my first picture would have been a bear attacking or an angry lion. Cause I would have given them what for and contacted the corporation and informed them of my treatment.


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