The Big Wheel

Good Morning! I thought I would start off the week with a smile for all of you! Sit down and put your feet up and enjoy a trip back to Moonbeam Farm. Take another peek into the book that Colin and I are working on. The Man-servant works so hard at  taking care of Dewey, Odessa and Jaxon, and trying to maintain his sanity with them. Sit back and look what happens when Colin has the Man-servant treat himself, by going to the town carnival. Sounds like a fun day, right? What could possibly go wrong?

The Big Wheel

POUNCE! Dewey had landed!

The Man-Servant’s eyes popped wide open. Dewey loved pouncing on him when he was napping, just to see his reaction. His hands would wave about as he tried to get his bearings after being rudely interrupted and, by the time he had recovered from his abrupt awakening and looked around, all he ever saw was Dewey curled up on his bed and seemingly asleep! Dewey loved to play jokes on the Man-Servant!

A short time later, Jaxon arrived in the farmhouse as planned. He and Dewey had arranged to go on an adventure together and as soon as Dewey had finished his breakfast, they were on their way.

As they crossed the yard and went out through the gate and into the field, Dewey turned to Jaxon. “I pounced on the Man-Servant again this morning! You should have seen him jump!” Jaxon was laughing as he listened to the details. “I wish that I had been there.” he said. “You should be careful though because, one day, he might just realize that it is you, and then you will have some problems with him playing jokes on you!” “I hadn’t thought about that.” said Dewey. “I didn’t get my after breakfast treat this morning. Hmmm… perhaps he already suspects something?”

They carried on across the field, laughing about the things that they had done to the Man-Servant since he moved into Moonbeam Farm, when Dewey suddenly stopped. “What’s up?” said Jaxon. “Can’t you smell it?” he said. “There is a wonderful aroma of food! There is a ton of food around here somewhere!” Jaxon stood still and listened because he has incredibly sensitive ears. “I can hear music!” he said. “I was at a fairground once, and it sounded just like this, and there was lots of food! Let’s go and find the fair!”

They found the fair behind a large building, and Dewey was following his nose through the people and up to a popcorn cart. Jaxon was right behind him and, fortunately, the people were too busy to see them scurrying along the ground. Dewey suddenly called out. “Jaxon! There is a bag of popcorn here on the ground!” Dewey grabbed the bag and they both went under the cart and opened it up. “It smells much better than it tastes” said Dewey, but Jaxon was not listening as he was focused on all the feet around him!

“What are you doing?” said Dewey. “Look over there.” said Jaxon pointing at a pair of boots. “Don’t you recognize them?” Dewey looked hard. “They are similar to the Man-Servant’s boots.” he said. “They ARE the Man-Servant’s boots!” said Jaxon. “Let’s follow him and see where he goes.”

The Man-Servant had decided to ride the Big Wheel, and as he lined up to get his ticket, Jaxon and Dewey were watching him and looking at the Big Wheel. “It’s really big!” said Dewey. “I know!” said Jaxon. “Look how high these chair things are going to go once it starts turning!”

The Man-Servant climbed into his chair; lowered the bar in front of him so that he could not fall out, and waited. It was not long before the Big Wheel started turning. Dewey and Jaxon both looked up in amazement as they saw the Man-Servant going higher and higher, and looking smaller and smaller. Eventually of course, he was over the top and coming down again. Dewey and Jaxon had now started to just look around when Dewey noticed a big red button on the side of the Big Wheel near to where the operator was standing.

“I wonder what that button does?” said Dewey. Jaxon looked sat him and smiled. “It stops the wheel from turning!” Dewey had a sly grin on his face. “Well perhaps we should push that button when the Man-Servant is up high! Wouldn’t that be fun?” Jaxon shook his head. “No, we shouldn’t do that as it is for emergencies, and only the operator should press it.” “Oh… that’s a shame!” said Dewey! He then crept around until he was in front of the operator, and suddenly jumped up with a loud “EEK!” The operator fell backwards and onto the red button! The Big Wheel suddenly stopped!

Jaxon looked at Dewey. “I think you just broke the Big Wheel!” he said. Dewey was laughing. “I know… and guess where the Man-Servant is?” Jaxon slowly looked up at the Big Wheel, and then he too burst out laughing. “He’s at the very top! How he will get down?” Dewey just looked at him. “Come on Jaxon. Let’s get out of here fast!”

The both ran as fast they could, and were soon back in the yard near the barn when they both stopped; looked at each other, and burst out laughing again. “I wonder if the Man-Servant will get home tonight?” said Dewey, and then started laughing again!

Suddenly there was the familiar whoosh-whoosh sound as Odessa landed next to them. “Okay guys. I could hear you from inside the barn … so what’s up?” Dewey could not tell her the story, as he kept laughing at the thought of the Man-Servant being stuck at the top of the Big Wheel, so Jaxon explained what had happened. Odessa’s eyes opened really wide. “You mean the Man-Servant is probably still stuck at the top of a Big Wheel?” “Could well be!” said Jaxon. Odessa just looked at them both and grinned. “This is something I have to see!” she said, and took off in the direction of town.

The Man-Servant was still sitting in his chair and waiting for the problem, whatever it was, to be fixed when Odessa landed on his safety bar and looked at him. “What are you doing up here Man-Servant? Admiring the view perhaps?” The Man-Servant just looked at her. “Yes Odessa, I got on this Big Wheel and decided to stop it when I was right at the top just so that I could admire the view!” Odessa cocked her head to one side. “That’s rather inconsiderate don’t you think?” The Man-Servant looked at her. “What?” Odessa repeated. “That’s rather inconsiderate don’t you think? You decided to stop and admire the view, and everybody else has to stop because of it. Humans are exasperating!”

The Man-Servant just stared at her. “I didn’t really stop it Odessa!” Odessa hopped along the bar to get a little closer. “Then why did you say that you did?” “I don’t know!” said the Man-Servant. “It just seemed a good response to your question?” Odessa gave her best confused look. “I don’t understand your species! I am going back to the farm. Have a nice time up here!”

Just as Odessa took flight, the Man-Servant called out to her so she circled around and landed back on the safety bar. “What!” she said. “Can you check up on Dewey and Jaxon and let them know that I will likely be home later than usual today. They’re probably playing in the yard.” “Actually,” said Odessa, “when I left, they were both up on the farmhouse roof and jumping off it into the flower beds!”

“What!” said the Man-Servant. “You didn’t stop them? They could seriously hurt themselves.” Odessa just blinked her big eyes at him. “When I saw them they were in the yard.” The Man-Servant looked rather annoyed. “Then why did you say that you saw them jumping off the roof?” “It just seemed like a good response to your earlier comment. I have to go now Man-Servant. Enjoy your ride!”

Odessa then took flight once again and headed back to Moonbeam Farm. She glanced back as she headed over the town and noticed the Big Wheel start turning again.

She saw Jaxon and Dewey, as she flew into the yard, and told them that the Man-Servant will probably be home soon as she had seen the Big Wheel starting to move again.

He arrived about thirty minutes later, and decided to explain to them why he had been delayed. “I was riding the Big Wheel when something happened and a safety switch stopped it from turning.” he said. Dewey was grinning. “Were you feeling on top of the world?” Jaxon added. “Was it nice to be going in circles and then suddenly stop?” Odessa flew over to him. “Hi Man-Servant. What was it like to reach new heights?”

The Man-Servant looked at them all. “How come you all seem to know so much, and why are you all grinning?” Odessa moved in closer. “I told them that I had found you when I was flying over the town!”

“Well,” said the Man-Servant, “it was not a very pleasant experience sitting at the top of the Big Wheel while the staff was down below trying to find out why the emergency button had been activated.” Dewey and Jaxon just looked at each other and tried not to laugh.

“Isn’t it time for our supper?” said Dewey. “Absolutely it is.” said the Man-Servant, as he got up and went to the cupboard where he kept Dewey’s food. “Oh… there seems to be a problem.” said the Man-Servant. “Your cupboard door won’t open!” Dewey, Jaxon and Odessa all looked at him. “What do you mean it won’t open?” said Dewey. “I can’t open the cupboard door. I guess somebody has pressed the safety button so I shall have to look for the cause and then reset it, unless it resets itself… but I think that I’ll have a cup of tea first!”

“How long will it take to reset it?” said Dewey. “Oh… only about twenty to thirty minutes.” said the Man-Servant. Twenty-five minutes later, the Man-Servant tried the door and it opened so Dewey was able to have his supper.

Dewey was talking to Jaxon and Odessa later when he said “What are the chances of that happening. The Big Wheel, and my food cupboard door, breaking down on the same day?” Odessa just looked at him and rolled her eyes. “I don’t think it was coincidence Dewey. I think he knows it was you. I would suggest that you are super nice to him for some time now as it might take him a long time to forget this day!” Dewey just stared at Odessa. “Whatever!”

7 thoughts on “The Big Wheel

  1. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for your comment! Yes, Dewey got a good laugh out of the Man-Servant being stuck up high, but… he should know by now, that there is always paybacks!


  2. I like that they all give us as good as they get both The Manservent with Dewey and Odessa and the Manservant. It’s trickiet but in a gentle way. When I read your title I kept thinking of an older country song now by an Alberta born Country singer named Aaron Pritchett . One of his first songs was called “On the Big Wheel” using it as a representation of life and love 🙂

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    • Yes, they all can definitely be tricky! And the Man-servant knows that anything that interrupts Dewey’s stomach, which is always hungry, is a good way to get back at him! Will have to look up that song! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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