The Unexpected Smile

I had another post written  for today, and then I got a phone call. I think now that post will be saved for another day. I wanted to get on here and post about the phone call.

I was typing up my post at the time the phone rang and I seriously almost didn’t pick it up. I didn’t want to talk to another salesperson. I figured if it was someone important they would leave a message.

Yes,  how times have changed. As a child I remember running to the phone when it rang, it may be a friend of mine and even if it wasn’t I just loved to answer the phone. Made me feel important. Now after the hundredth “Can you please take a 10 minute survey for us on…” or ” Are you thinking about having your windows replaced soon….” and don’t even get me started on the political calls! With all those type of calls I don’t rush to the phone anymore.

I was very glad that I did pick up the phone time time.  A big surprise greeted me on the other end. It  was someone that I hadn’t talked to in years!! One of the last times was at least  21 years ago! So why the call now? All because of a card.  A simple card.

This is the reason for this post. In this electronic age, we have forgotten how precious handwritten cards can be. I know I said it before, but figured with this phone call it was worth mentioning again.

I had known this friend since I was 5 years old, she watched me grow up into a teenager. Her sons were good childhood friends of mine, and we have many fond memories. We moved from the area and the years passed like they do, but I never forgot her and the sweet nature she had about her.

She called, for she had found a card from me from years ago that she had saved. It brought back good memories to her and she wanted to thank me again. A card telling her about how my life was going and  thanking her for the role she had  played in my life as I was growing up.

I went outside to our porch swing as we were talking and I told her how she warmed my heart with her phone call. For just like the card brought back memories to her, hearing her voice brought back memories to me. Memories of the fun times of being little.

Now we both are wearing smiles. Hers brought on by a card, and mine by a phone call. Our hearts have been lifted, and in such a simple way.

Have you been thinking about writing a card to anyone lately? Thinking that perhaps you won’t. Thinking instead that you will just email, Facebook or text them.  I encourage you not to do that, send the card. It might take a little longer, but you never know what impact it may make on the recipient. Not to mention that one day, when you least expect it the blessing you sent with that card, could come back to you once again!

Go buy a card today! Send someone a smile. Not because its their birthday, anniversary or another special day, just because they are who they are. Let them know how much you are blessed by them being that way! You may bring happy tears to their eyes.




17 thoughts on “The Unexpected Smile

  1. Yes, the anonymity of emails, tweets, posts has affected our ability to truly connect with a snail mail note or a phone call. Thank you for sharing your story. It makes my card-making sessions that much more fun for me knowing they touch people. 💗

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    • Thank you for your comments!
      Yes, you are so right, and it is so sad! How can something be called progress when its taking away something so valuable! Don’t get me wrong, I can be a texting Queen, BUT I haven’t forgotten the richness of conversation and I will take that any day over texting!

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  2. This is a truly heartwarming story!! Sadly, cards and handwritten letters are from days long gone for most of us. I am from the time when cards and letters were treasured more than a phone call. I remember standing in a card store searching for just the perfect card for someone. Cards are still a wonderful way to show someone how much they mean to you – maybe, even one of the best ways. Thank-you for sharing this lovely post!

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    • Thank you for your sweet words!
      I also remember losing myself in card stores! So many wonderful ones fo look at! And yes it is still a wonderful way to give someone a smile. I still save ones that I get. 🙂


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