Weaving their Charm

It is a lovely morning here. The sun is shining in the clear blue sky and the air is cool. Perfect for a bike ride! So why didn’t the bike ride happen? The blame lies solely on a 8 pound ball of fur!

I had sat down to read for only a few minutes, intending to go for a bike ride. Lily our Yorkie, had other plans. She snuggled into my lap, I started petting her and  began feeling very comfy on the couch.

Pets have a mesmerizing spell that they can put on us, don’t they? I petted her and let my mind wander to other things,  as I enjoyed the peacefulness of the morning. If I stopped for a moment, she was quick to lift her head and turn and look at me with those puppy dog eyes! Oh those eyes, you can’t help but be drawn in.

My husband had the “Puppy dog eyes” look mastered when we were dating.  He has used it successfully over the years, BUT….I have also grown better over the years. Grown better at being able to smile as I look at him and say “Sorry, not going to work this time!”

Lily doesn’t just give the look, she also lifts her little paw and puts it on my hand. She is giving a gentle nudge to remind me of what my hand is supposed to be doing! For yes, she is the Queen of the house. Our Sheltie, Lassie, who is a great deal bigger than her, even bows to her.

Our Sheltie may bow to Lily, but she can also work her charm on us. She “talks” to us when she wants your attention. A mixture of high pitch grunts. You know how little children have a knack of needing to talk to you when you are on the phone. Well I believe Lassie has watched my kids over the years and she learned from them. She can be sitting quietly when it is only me and her in the room. I will pick up the phone and start talking and the next thing I know she is at my side wanting me to pet her. If I don’t she will protest and no not a quiet protest.  I have had the person on the other end ask me if I have a little child, to which I reply, “Yes, a little Sheltie child!”

When my husband and I are on the couch, Lassie has 2 different approaches in ways to get our attention. For my husband she will come to the couch and stand right beside him as she waits for him to stroke her back. She will “talk” if necessary. Then when she gets tired of standing she will come and lay at my feet so that I can rub her with my feet. If I stop she will lift her head, giving me that look and “talk” until I start again. Once I have resumed stroking her again to her satisfaction, she will contently lie back down.

Don’t underestimate the power of something based on size. The saying ” Small but mighty.” is true.  You also have ” Great things come in SMALL packages!” and I could go on, but…. I have 2 dogs to walk.

Have a Wonderful day as you enjoy what ever the day brings. Perhaps you are bowing to  your dog or cat’s wishes as well right now. They really are special. They may be small but they  can take up a large part of  our hearts, which I am so grateful for.


10 thoughts on “Weaving their Charm

    • Thank you!!
      So sorry about yours. I truly can’t imagine my life without dogs, I have never been without a dog. My parents always had them when I was young and my husband knew when he married me that me and my dog were a package deal. 🙂 I had a Boston Terrier then. I do LOVE the dogs we have now, but I told my husband that I want a Boston again. ❤

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