The Sunny Side-Up Diner: Part 6 – The Revelation


Amy had pinched herself a couple times over and still couldn’t believe all that she heard. When she had awakened earlier that morning she was excited about exploring a castle with Mallory.  Little did she know then at what all would be revealed when she was at the castle.

Mallory suggested that Amy step outside to get some fresh air, while she prepared a mid afternoon snack for them. She knew that Amy was overwhelmed by all that had transpired earlier and wanted to give her some space to think.

Amy finally knew her background. Questions that she had for years had finally been answered. So how did it make her feel? She wasn’t sure. Amy was thrilled that Mallory and her were related, but oh how she wished that she had known her when she was younger. Just think of the fun they could have had together running over the hills and sharing their hearts, while sitting on the Cliffs of Moher.

Thinking of “What If’s” never helped anything though, so Amy tried to concentrate on today. Concentrate on the new, wonderful knowledge that she had gained. The fact that she had family, she wasn’t alone! She was doubly blessed; she had family by blood and her friends back home, who were family through the bond of friendship.

Yesterday was gone, and today was the present and she had been given a wonderful present that made her future look so much brighter!

Amy never understood why life had to throw her such a cruel blow by the death of her parents. Why she had been sent to an orphanage, but she was seeing how even when your past may be filled with dark clouds, the sun is still there. The sun just can’t always be seen.

The sun was there by how the mistress at the orphanage had a heart of gold and treated Amy with compassion and love.  How she  was a good role model for her, as Amy grew into a young lady. The sun shined when Amy got the job at the Sunny Side-Up Diner, and once again was looked out for by her tender hearted boss. Her boss who more than once added bonuses to Amy’s checks. He always gave some reason for the bonus, like how didn’t Amy know it was “Be kind to redheads day!”

Not only did Amy have a job where she was looked out for, but if she hadn’t had that job, Jake may never had found her. The sun did indeed shine through the fog on that day that Jake came with a envelope to give her.

Amy smiled as her heart swelled up with love! She looked at that old map again in her hand and couldn’t wait to go exploring with Mallory and Jake. Finding out more about her heritage with 2 friends who turned out to be so much more than just friends. Yes, today was a true Sunny Side-Up Day, yes indeed!


Thank you dear readers for your interest as this story unfolded. I hope you aren’t too disappointed that not all your questions were answered. I didn’t start out planning to end it this way, but you know how it goes, sometimes we don’t control the pen. 🙂

For those who may have been wondering, none of this story was based on any true facts. Amy’s story is fiction. The only true things in it are that some of the comments and characters were inspired by other people that I know. Also the picture of the Cliffs of Moher is picture taken from there, thanks to Pinterest, plus the picture of the castle is an actual castle close to the Cliffs of Moher. The picture of the sunlight is from Ireland as well. I think I need to go visit Ireland now, don’t you! Thanks again for enjoying Amy’s story with me and would love to hear what you think Amy found out. What connection do you think Mallory and Jake have to Amy?


12 thoughts on “The Sunny Side-Up Diner: Part 6 – The Revelation

  1. I’ll admit to being puzzled when first reading this revelation. Many unanswered questions loomed in my mind. Then – I loved it! I can let my imagination run wild and decide what ever I like. That is, unless you are planning a sequel! Thank-you for this adventure, it has been delightful.

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  2. Those pictures from Ireland are so beautiful! 🙂 I am glad Amy got a family. A friendly family. 🙂

    I can understand that a story can find a new direction at any point.. Keep it on. I am glad to be following this series.. 🙂

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  3. ehh. I had completed the whole series and with time and blogging break, forgot that. 😛 Somehow had thoughts that I had missed the ending. 😀

    Enjoyed reading this again. They sure must be cousins who would never part again. 🙂 Thank you for this lovely read. 🙂

    🙂 yayy.


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