Sunny Side-Up Diner Part 5: Insomnia

Amy laid in bed wide awake. She had really enjoyed the festivities and dancing with the other villagers. The evening was magical. It was almost like it took her back in time, but she couldn’t understand why she would feel that way. Questions again were swirling about in her head. Would she be able to go to sleep tonight?

She tossed and turned some and then had a thought. Perhaps a piece of cake would help her relax and enable her to go to sleep.  Oh her mouth began to water  at the thought of it. Mallory had baked a Black Forest Cake and she was hoping that there was at least one piece left.

There was a light on in the kitchen, apparently someone else was having trouble sleeping. Jake looked up at Amy as she walked into the kitchen. Amy saw the grace of crumbs on his plate. “Did you have a piece of cake?” Jake gave a sigh of contentment as he said “Indeed, I did!” “Please tell me that it wasn’t the last piece!” Amy said, with her pleading eyes. “It wasn’t the last piece.”, Jake said with a serious face.

Amy opened the refrigerator to look for the cake and couldn’t find it. “Where is it?” “Where is what?” Jake innocently asked. Amy turned to stare at him, ” The cake of course!” “Oh, that is gone.” Amy smacked her forehead with her hand, ” What do you mean gone, you said it wasn’t the last piece?” “I didn’t have the last piece, Mallory came to join me and she had the last piece. She went back to bed right before you came in.”

Amy smacked her forehead again as she poured herself a cup of milk. “I would imagine that you would have a big red spot on your forehead by now, with as many times as you smack it!” Jake said with a grin. He narrowly missed the flying spatula that Amy tossed his direction.

 Amy had to smile and shake her head as she drank her milk. Jake did have a way of making her laugh anf wanting to throw something at him at the same time.

“What has you up in the wee hours of the morning?” Amy looked up at the sound of Mallory’s voice. “Too many questions going round in my head. Can’t shut my brain off,” said Amy.

Mallory sat down at the table with her and gave her a warm smile. She took Amy’s hand and said, ” I have an adventure to take you on tomorrow and I believe a lot of your questions will at last be answered.”

This made Amy’s heart smile. Mallory was so fun to be around. They had hit it off so well, she had felt an instant connection upon meeting her. 

“Where are you taking me to?”, said Amy with her eyes sparkling now. “That my friend is a secret that you will find out soon enough. I will give you one clue. Do you like castles?” 

At the mention of castles Amy got excited. She had always wanted to explore  inside of one. “Definitely yes,” she said. How big is the castle, what is fhe name…and…” Mallory laughed and said, “No more questions, I think we both need to try to get some sleep!”

Amy agreed, her mind was still wondering, but sleepiness was quickly overtaking her.  She stumbled to her bedroom and climbed into bed laying  her head down.  Not many sheep jumped over the fence before she entered Dreamland. 


10 thoughts on “Sunny Side-Up Diner Part 5: Insomnia

  1. I am so entangled in your web of mystery! I have been patiently waiting for the next installment of this tale (okay, not so patiently) and here it is! Yet, I remain mystified and intrigued as I follow Amy on her journey. I fear I am not a good sleuth as I have no answers, only questions. So, I will wait (patiently?) for illumination and the next installment of your mesmerizing story. Thank-you for these delightful posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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