Tuesday’s Thoughts

Good Morning! What did you wake up to this morning? My sister texted me a picture of a deer in their backyard! That is not a usual thing for her to see, they don’t live in the woods. Just in the suburbs.  A nice way to start her morning. Have you ever seen anything different in your back yard? We saw a white porcupine before. It was in the middle of the day! Apparently this porcupine forgot that it is supposed to be sleeping during the day. It was definitely a rare sight to see, but have to say it was pretty, being all white.

Keep your eyes open today, who knows what may appear! May these quotes keep you smiling! Have a great day!


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15 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts

  1. LOVE – LOVE – LOVE Tuesday’s Thoughts!!! They are thought and smile provoking too! I often copy them down to share with my family. Thank-you for this delightful post.

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    • Wow! Yes, something you definitely don’t experience every day! My brother in law was from Colorado. It took him awhile to get used to Pennsylvania, he said we didn’t have mountains, we just had foothills! 🙂 He was from the city of Montrose, Colorado.
      Glad you enjoyed the quotes! 🙂

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      • OH cool! Yup, it is a small world. LOL on agreeing with him! 🙂 I will say that Colorado is a beautiful state, I really want my husband to see it some day!
        Oh and here is a little interesting fact, Colorado is where I learned to believe in Jackalopes. LOL! Yes, when we went out to visit my brother-in-law and I was 11 years old, he took me out to hunt for jackalopes! Yes, I fell for it, for every gift shop had things about them! Appeared real to my little mind at the time! 🙂


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