Shining in the Dark

Memories slid down my cheeks this morning.  All it took was hearing one song. Music can be so powerful and so healing. 

The song was “Good, Good Father” A song about the love of God for us.  It holds a lot of meaning for me and for dear friends of mine. It shows the power of faith. 

I was there as the song was played at the funeral of a very good friend. I saw the tears on the faces of my wonderful friend and her dear children as they sang. 

These 3 very special people had watched their dear, loving husband and Dad die of cancer. That horrible disease that has affected too many people. 

A big chunk of their hearts was ripped out leaving a gaping hole. 

Gaping holes, but yet  they were singing “Good, Good Father”.

A lot of times when bad things happen we want to rage at God. We scream out “WHY!”  to the sky and you know what, that is okay!

Sherry and I were crying on each others shoulders before the service started. I rubbed her daughter’s back as she cried on my shoulder. 

This isn’t a post about pretending to be happy even when your heart is broken. Its about the powerful faith of my dear friend and her older children’ About how it can bring peace amidst the sadness.

Its about holding onto  that deep inner joy, even when you feel like your life is falling apart.

Not a giddy type of joy, but the kind of joy that brings you peace, knowing that God is going to see you through this dark time. Knowing that He will give you the courage and strength to get out of bed each morning and for you to keep breathing.

Knowing that even in the darkest of times there were still blessings to be found. Still things that my dear friends could be thankful for, then and now.

Near the end Pat lost his ability to speak and he would slip in and out of consciousness. A friend who liked to sing came to visit one day. He sang some songs for Pat.  Sherry and the kids were blessed as they  watched Pat mouthing the words to the songs.

Pat lost his ability to speak but not his humor. He was joking as long as he could speak and even after he couldn’t. 

A friend was sharing some fun memories about Pat and they heard him let out a laugh at a story that his friend shared. His daughter was able to get a reaction out of him when she said about driving his car. 

Yes, there were tons of tears shared as friends came to see him in his final days, but also laughter. Brad and I got to hear him laugh as well when we were there. Pat and laughter were like synonyms, even at the end.

When Pat took his final breath, Dewey was by his head with Pat’s arm on him. The story of how Dewey came to be with Pat, well that’s another post. But also something else that made us all smile.

These things and more are  why my friends can sing that song. For the blessings of life are always there! Sometimes we have to search harder for the gold nuggets, but they are there. Even during the times when we are looking through a haze of tears. 

4 thoughts on “Shining in the Dark

  1. This is a beautiful post and tribute to your friend Pat and his family. Many years ago when tragedy made my life seem hopeless, it was a friend that helped me through. One time she said to me that “Faith isn’t Faith until it’s all you’re holding onto.” She reminded me that with Faith I could do anything – and I did. Thank-you for sharing an inspiring post. P.S. I Love this song, it is a favorite of my son and I.

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    • So sorry about your tragedy. So thankful for your friend that helped you through! Thank God for friends!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Cool that you and your son like this song as well. 🙂


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