The Sunny Side Up Diner: Part 4- Memories

Amy was sitting, gazing out into the  shiny sea, enjoying the gentle breeze. She had been in Ireland for a week now and was still in awe over the beauty. 

She had already fallen in love with the Cliffs of Moher , where she was now. Sometimes she was fortunate enough to see Puffins. They were a delight to watch.

She knew that the evening was going to be filled with some Irish music and dancing. Taking the afternoon to appreciate the stillness was what she needed. 

Amy was grateful that Mallory had showed her this beautiful place. Mallory had thought it would be the perfect place to go to, so that they could talk.

Amy had been nervous when she first met Mallory, but it didn’t take her long to relax in her presence. Mallory was a fun, easygoing person. 

Mallory didn’t push her to talk. They sat and watched the birds fly around and listened to.the water.

Slowly Amy had opened up. Mallory wanted to hear her story. Yes , Mallory may know more than Amy, but she wanted to know what all Amy remembered  first. 

There wasn’t much for Amy to tell. Her memories were few as she had been so young when brought to the orphanage. 

She did recall  the horrible day that her parents had died.  She remembered how she had cried and cried for.days. 

Her parents  had been flying home from an Ammiversary trip.  Their plane had ran into a terrible storm and crashed before they made it home. 

Amy had been so excited to see them for she had missed them very much! The neighbor lady was very kind while looking after Amy, but nothing like her parents. 

Amy remembered  her Mom’s gentle touches and her Dad’s strong arms as he would whirl her around. 

She remembered  watching her parents dance. That was always fun, for it was lively music and Amy would clap along to it and try to imitate the steps that her parents did.

She savored those few memories that she had. She had felt comfortable sharing them with Mallory. 

“I thought I may find you here!” Amy turned to see Jake coming towards her. 

“Almost time for the festivities to start,you don’t want to miss them.”

“No, I don’t, I am looking forward to it!”

Amy stood up and stretched, she let out a little groan. “Guess I was sitting there longer than I thought, I feel stiff.” 

Jake laughed and said, ” Dancing the Irish jig will get you limbered up in no time!”

“What exactly is the Irish jig ? Can’t say I ever tried it.” 

Jake kooked at her with a twinkle in his eye as he said, “You never know lass, you may just be a natural!”

The festivities were in full swing when Amy, Jake and Mallory entered the village. 

“That my friend is the Irish jig.” Jake was pointing to a small group of people in the center of the village. 

Amy walked closer to get a better look. She stood and watched. It was like she was mesmerized by the music. She was staring at the dancers. There was somethng about the way they moved their feet. 

Jake was watching.her intently. He glanced away to see Mallory watching her as well. At that moment Mallory raised her eyes and found Jake’s. Amy didn’t notice the smile and wink  that passed between them 

Jake continued  to watch as a stray tear slid down his cheek.

10 thoughts on “The Sunny Side Up Diner: Part 4- Memories

  1. I am totally enthralled with this story, yet mystified too! Each installment intensifies the suspense more and more. Thank-you for another addition to this mesmerizing tale.

    Liked by 1 person

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