Friday’s Super Short Stories

Tender skin…hot oven….bad combination!

Deep sleep…..dreams swirling…don’t remember goodbye kiss!

Courteous Customer Service…… it is like  searching for the golden ticket in a Willy Wonka bar!

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories

  1. U said it right Joy! I can’t remember a decent customer service experience, I actually avoid calling them. And ohh for that first story, 😂😂😂, I have a red burn on my elbow this week courtesy of the kitchen

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    • Yes, dealing with them on the phone can be a test of patience for sure! I also can’t stand it when I go up to the counter and the person behind the counter just stares at you. I stare back waiting for that ” May I help you” phrase to come out of their mouths!! Or at least acknowledge my presence by more than just a stare please!
      Hey we must be twins this week. My burns are near both elbows. It doesn’t look very bad,but it aches! Feels like sun burn, without the joy of having relaxed by a pool or ocean! 🙂


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