“I Don’t Like You”

Don’t be scared off…. this title is not meant for any of my readers! I do like all of you! I have been known to say in jest to some friends, ” You are lucky I love ya, because….not feeling that other “L” word right now.” All meant in fun of course! It is usually said in response to a joke that has been played on me, or to some witty words that were thrown my way.

If you are a parent, I would bet that you have had times where you have not liked your children, right? I am not being mean, just honest. We love them with all our hearts and would take a bullet for them, BUT… there are those days where they may be a little hard to like. To be fair, I am sure that there are days that they don’t like us too much either. In fact I know there are. I am the mother of teenagers, need I say more?

But this isn’t a post about friendship or parenting, read on, and you will understand.

This past Saturday my lovely niece got married in a beautiful ceremony outdoors. The weather was perfect. They had written their own vows for their special day and my niece went first.

“We have had an argument that has lasted a couple days now, and as I write this I am not really liking you at the moment.”

Not the typical beginning to wedding vows. Was she being crazy starting her vows off like that?  No, she was being real and I loved it!

She brought out how she realized that even when things may not be the best between them, the love she had for him ran deep. How love is so much more than just a feeling.

A lot of us had tears in our eyes as we listened to them recite their vows, sharing their love for each other. Listening to them share some of  their strengths and weaknesses. Expressing how they wanted their marriage built on humility and gentleness. Hearing them sing a song to each other as they committed their love to each other. Seeing them symbolize their commitment with rings, but also in another way. They mixed their soil.

it was something new to me, but I liked it. He had soil from his grandparents farm and my niece had soil from her grandparents graves and they mixed them together. Symbolizing them bringing their pasts together and starting a new life.

I couldn’t be happier for this special couple and I wish them many joys and much love  in the years to come!


20170603_195338 I think they are liking each other pretty much at this moment. 🙂

20170603_170115 I had to include a picture of the lovely Mother of the Bride (my sister) and her handsome sons as well! The question is, Which one of her sons will be the next to take the plunge? 🙂 I am feeling old! The one on the right was the ring bearer for our wedding. His dear sister, the bride, in the picture above was our flower girl! Plus the handsome guy on the left wasn’t even born yet! Where do the years go?




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