The “Clever” Idea!

Hawaii was brought up in conversation this week-end, and that made me think of our 2 crazy characters. The fun 2 elves who make Santa pull out his hair at times. Santa needed a break, which is why Jinx and Jangle got sent to the lovely island of Hawaii. They didn’t mind. The nice warm climate was a welcome change to the North Pole!

If you have missed the introduction of Jinx and Jangle, here is a link to the first story. The Story of Jinx and Jangle. Now let us check in and see what trouble they are up to this time!

Jinx was looking out the window watching the rain fall. Didn’t look like they would be riding their bikes today. Oh well, he wasn’t going to let the rain spoil his day, he was sure that he could still have a great day. He was waiting on Jangle to finish making his delicious omelettes now.

As they were eating their breakfast, Jangle was working on a crossword puzzle. “What is a 4 letter word for clever?” “Well that is easy,” replied Jinx, ” It is my name… J..i..n..x..!” The look on Jangle’s face said it all. Sometimes no words were needed.

As the rain continued to fall, they both sat in their comfy recliners and started to read their favorite books. They were rather large books, for they had very pertinent information in them that they needed to know. These books were so full of valuable information that they would probably need to read them twice in order for all the details to sink in.

They wanted to get them finished before they went back to the North Pole in September. They knew that  when they went back there wouldn’t be much time for reading, they would be busy working for Santa again. Trying once more to be good enough to earn their own team of reindeer! They had a strong confident air about them that this time would be the magic charm. Santa would be so impressed, as well as all the other elves who had dared to laugh at them. They would see what Jinx and Jangle were truly capable of!

Soon Jinx and Jangle started to doze, the books were such heavy reading that they couldn’t keep their eyes open.  It was the cuckoo clock that woke them up. “Cuckoo!” it called as the clock struck 10.

“Hey, it stopped raining!” Jangle said as he noticed the sunlight streaming in the window. “Let’s go for a ride.” Jinx agreed and soon they were on their bikes and heading towards their favorite trail. The Kauai Bike Path, right along the shore. The beauty of the water added to the delight of the ride.

They never knew what they may see when riding. Sometimes beautiful birds flew right in front of them. At times a pretty seashell would grab their attention while riding by and they would stop to pick it up. They had made quite a nice collection so far to take back with them to the North Pole. They wanted mementos to help be a remember of  their wonderful time in Hawaii.

Jangle was lost in thought and almost ran right into Jinx as he didn’t notice that he had stopped! “Next time that you are going to suddenly stop, blow your horn! Santa put that horn on there for you to warn people with you know. It is a ” Look out, I am coming!” horn.”  ” Well if you would have been paying attention to where you were going, you would have noticed that I stopped! Anyway look at what I found.” Jinx held up a nice shiny hand held mirror.

“What do you want that for? We have mirrors at the house.”  ” I have an idea,” said Jinx, “Let’s go home, and I will show you!” They turned around to head home. When they arrived home Jinx went into the kitchen to find some rubber bands and duck tape. Jangle was looking at him very curiously. He was  wondering what was going on in that brain of his now.

“Done!” announced Jinx proudly, as he showed Jangle the finished product. “Well I have to say that was a pretty clever idea, it should come in handy! Can you put one on mine to?” “Sure, I am always glad to help, all you need to do is ask”, said Jinx.

Jinx had fastened the mirror to the handlebars of his bike so that he could see what was behind him. “Now I will see you, before you crash into me Jangle!”

Jinx was feeling quite smart as he looked into the mirror and said, ” Mirror, Mirror on the bike, who is the most clever…” CRASH! The rubber band snapped, the duck tape came loose and the mirror shattered on the pavement.

“On second thought, I really don’t need a mirror!”, said Jangle,  as he made his way into the house trying to control his laughter.

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