Daily Prompt: Imaginary

via Daily Prompt: Imaginary

02f2316bf5f9da346b0b07f91bf5371b  What would you do if this showed up in your front yard? Would you invite the Martians inside?

Who knows,  they could be as nice as E.T. Remember him? I thought he was so cute when I saw him in the movie. I wanted to be the little boy who hid him in his room.  Tried to blend “E.T.” in with his stuffed animals. I definitely had enough stuffed animals as a child, I could have hid him well.

Or they could be like “Alf”! Your life would never be boring with him around! Just make sure you hide the cat! We bought that series on DVD, so that our kids  could enjoy it. I am pretty sure that they were secretly wishing that “Alf” would be real and show up at our door.

I wouldn’t hold my breath as you gaze into the sky watching for a spaceship to land. But you never know! Who is to say that someday “E.T.” or “”Alf” won’t show up at your door bringing all their friends with them!

Perhaps they will take you for a ride in their spaceship! Just think of the exciting blog post you could write then. Any case of Writer’s Block would be cured! You may have a problem with some people thinking you are delusional, but for the ones that think that, there is an easy cure. Just send your new friends their direction!



17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Imaginary

  1. The first thing that crossed my mind when looking at that pic was that if L.Ontario looked like that (it is currently almost 3ft higher than usual) and showed up in my back yard, then I would be more worried about the water than the saucer! 🙂

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  2. Oh yes, that’s true! There’s been some pretty amazing movies about kind decent aliens. Still though, if I ever sight a saucer, I’d probably lock all doors and peek through a window (just to console my nosey self). I’d be too scared.

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