A Rainbow of Love

Do you have a tissue nearby? I want to share a heart tugging moment. You probably won’t need a tissue, but I may today.

As I shared before, the day care I work at is closing. Tomorrow is the last day. We have not said much to the younger children. Hard to explain things like that to a 2 year old. Yesterday though my co-worker had one of the little ones on her lap and she told her how she is sorry but she won’t be her teacher anymore. The little girl’s eyes got big and she said, “Why?” Tears started to come and there were more “whys” as that is the favorite question of 2 year olds! She wanted to know where she was going to “live”. It made me realize how these kids do think of the day care like a home, for they spend long days there.  She hugged my co-worker. She then took some deep breaths and a light came to her eyes,  as she smiled. “I’ll be okay, Miss. Carolyn will be my teacher still!”

My co-worker said she couldn’t answer her,  she just gave her another hug as the girl went off to happily play. Oh what kids do to your heart! I know she will be Okay, she will fall in love with another teacher and that teacher will love her, but as of right now, stay tuned. Stay tuned as I have to explain to her that I am leaving as well.

To give you a smile now, this little girl was sitting on my lap later and telling me about her Slip and Slide at home and how she wants to go on it. She invited me to come take a ride on it too. You swim right into the shark’s mouth!  But she said I would need to wear a bathing suit and mine would have to  be bigger then hers! She then went into talking about her bed and how it is a rainbow bed. I said how that sounded very cool! She told me that I should ask my Mommy to make me one!

I just love how a 2 year old thinks. It seemed perfectly reasonable to her for me to ask my Mommy to make me a rainbow bed, why not? This wasn’t the first thing that I was told to ask my Mommy about.

This same girl is the one who turned 2 not long ago and her Mom bought cupcakes to share with the class.  My co-worker, her other teacher, turned 21 recently. When the little girl found out it was her birthday, she asked her “Where are the cupcakes?” My friend said that she is sorry but she didn’t bring any. The girl looked concerned, ” Tell your Mommy to bring you some cupcakes!”  We had to laugh, such a innocent request. The little ones were glad to find out that I brought cupcakes in to share for my co-worker’s birthday. What is a birthday without cupcakes! 🙂

The Day Care may be closing and we may all be going in different directions, but the words that these little ones have told me over the years will stay.
They have a put a rainbow in my heart!



24 thoughts on “A Rainbow of Love

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about this closing door. But it is so true that two year olds give us all a whole new perspective, and a whole new belief that more doors will open. I love talking to young children. They make me re-adjust the way I think. Good luck as you say your goodbyes with hugs. 💚

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  2. I love children, too! I must agree people of all ages are special in so many ways, Carolyn.
    You touched many children’s lives and gave them warmth with love. Hope all goes well in your next phase (chapter) in life. hugs xo 💐

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  3. Oh, my dear friend. I have always found it difficult to say goodbye to little ones, either because they have aged out of my room, moved away, or I was leaving the center. I still carry a piece of every child I taught. I have even had the privilege of keeping in touch with many of the parents, and it is very touching to see the paths they have chosen and the remarkable adults they have grown up to be. Enjoy your last day, throw as many hard rules out the window as you can for the day, and get a few more hugs. All my best as you await the next door to open!

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    • Oh thank you sweet friend! I know you have been there!
      Its great that you have been able to keep in touch with the parents! I am hoping to be able to do that with some.
      Thanks for the encouraging words. ❤


  4. Yes, two year olds are so cute and innocent. Nowadays, when I seem down, my two year old will give me a hug and pat me on the head while saying ‘It’s okay’ because that’s what I usually do when she cries 🙂 Enjoy your time and all the best!

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  5. This is the best post I have read all day. I’m sorry I am late to seeing this. Kids are such precious gems. it must be awfully hard to say goodbye Joy. When you have the strength to say goodbye, life gifts you with a wonderful hello ❤❤

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