Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! I believe summer has arrived. It was 80 degrees yesterday and supposed to be 81 degrees today. Bring on the sunshine! They are actually calling for  more rain this week, but at least it will be warm. I went for a bike ride yesterday and a blue jay flew right in front of me. He could have perched on my handlebars. It was enjoying the sunshine as well!

Whether it is raining or sunny where you are at today, I hope you can find some things that make you smile today. Keep your eyes open! You never know what may be right in front of you. May these quotes bring some sunshine to your heart too. Have a wonderful day.

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8. 0e6024365070b20f497655a450b56ef9 I just had to laugh at this one! Can I relate sometimes, hmm… what about you? What would Dewey do?

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18 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

    • Yes when it gets really humid it does make it a little harder. But you are right, we can still find reason to get our “happy on” ! And how can you not smile when looking at how happy she is in that picture. 🙂

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  1. In the 80s? We had a high of 62 yesterday and looking for 66 today. Very unseasonably cool. This year’s spring has been trying my patience but I’m working on it…then again maybe I should move.


  2. It was cool and rainy here today. It seems like it has been a damp spring for us so far, and not too many warm days yet (but we did have that “heat wave” a few weeks ago). I love #9, and the little girl too.

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