Tuesday’s Thoughts

Good Morning! Trying to wake up. Had been dreaming that I was floating in a lake. Don’t think the weather today is going to be very good for that, so I guess I will have to go to work. Would you rather be floating in a lake today? You may not be able to go float in a lake, but it is Tuesday, so you can read some quotes! I know, it doesn’t quite compare! Hopefully you can still get some smiles out the quotes today and have a great day!




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3. 95d95a26bba0cf870f694bf95df83658 🙂

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6. 2707630b14c41e15ff951cb68f33ac49 Do you agree?

7. 12d133afbfe23d0972273105afdf52ec Yes, I am making all of you think perhaps a little harder today. Feel free to share your answers. 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts

    • Save the best for last! 🙂
      They are the ones I liked the most this week as well, and here number 10 almost didn’t get posted!
      Was running short on time and thought I would just end with Number 9. Then I just scrolled down a little bit and saw the quote. Smiled big and thought how that would be a perfect quote to end with! Glad you Agreed! 🙂

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  1. I remember the first time I ever saw #9 (or some variation thereof) – I was dumbfounded by just how true it can be! I constantly try to catch myself when I do that with a reminder to really listen. It’s amazing how much better the communication becomes 🙂
    All very thought-provoking indeed this week!

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