The Final Time

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This is the week for finals at school. The final stage of my oldest being in school is soon upon us. Next Fall will begin her last time of walking the halls of her school.She will be a Senior, where did the time go?

There are so many “lasts” in Parenting. Parenting never ends, no matter how old your children get, but there are the “lasts”.

The last time that you swing your child up into your arms, their last piggyback ride on your back. Then again, my 15 year old just tried to ride piggyback on my back recently. Suffice to say that it did not last long.

The last time you buckle your child into their car seat and the last time you hold their hand to cross the street. The last time that you are hunting frantically for  your child’s  pacifier or their favorite blankie.  The last time they crawl in your lap for a snuggle.

Some stages you think your children will never grow out of, but when you look back you realize how fast it went. When my daughter crosses the  stage to get her diploma I know there will be tears in my eyes! I will be so proud of her, for school wasn’t easy, but she stuck it out!

With that said, I really am starting to feel that all the parents of Senior’s should be handed a diploma as well on graduation day!

I want a diploma, for the long nights of staying up helping with homework. For the last minute run to the store to get things for that big  project. The project that your child knew about for a month, but told you about it the night before it was due! For running to the school with your child’s gym bag that they forgot. All those Parent and Teacher conferences you went to. The class parties you helped with. How could you not help when you saw how happy your  little child was that you were in their class. For the time when your child suddenly decided that  they couldn’t give you a kiss in front of their classmates! The mornings you dealt with tired, grumpy kids that were certain that they were coming down with some serious disease. They couldn’t possibly go to school! The times that you had to remind your child that they already had their appendix out.

Yes, the final year of school will be upon my child soon,  and there will be some “last” things that I will celebrate. Along with that, there are “lasts” that will  make me a little sad. I need to remember though that where there are “lasts” there can also be new beginnings!

Are you a parent of a Senior crossing the stage this May? As memories come flooding back and slide down your cheeks, think of something. Think of all the new beginnings they are going to be making. Yes, memories make us wistful, but we can smile about what is to come. We say goodbye to one stage of Parenthood and Hello to another! Who knows what awaits your child. Adventures for sure. Things to explore!

And if you are the parent of a graduate I will see what I can do about getting you a diploma 🙂 For now Pat yourself on the back, you survived! Amusement parks give out t-shirts that say how you survived  a scary roller coaster! Skip the diploma! I want a t-shirt that says, ” I survived having a teenager!”



11 thoughts on “The Final Time

  1. oh just wait! then they may go to college – then maybe get married – then have children – and you become a grandparent – so many “firsts” still ahead, but so many fond “lasts” to remember too! 🙂 ❤

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  2. A late congrats to you and your son. For his work finishing high school and your working raising him. I think graduation in high school is a wonderful memory. It’s a kids first major accomplishment in the world and he had such possibility before him so I hope he uses his potential well. I’m pretty sure he will, he has a wonderful mother to guide him and I’m sure a wonderful Dad too 🙂

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