Are you Giving It Your Best?

How do you define Success? A friend and I were having a discussion and they asked me that question. I felt it was a fairly easy question and my response was, something to the tune of , ” Success is when you have done your best!” Which to that they said, “How do you define best?” I suddenly wasn’t feeling as confident about my answers. I should have expected this, for this friend has a way of making me think.

The response that came to me was ,” Best is when you have done your best!” Yes, that wasn’t exactly the BEST answer.

I thought more about the question and tried to figure out how I really do define success and best ? How do I know if I have done my best? What would your answer be?

I was reminded today of a scene from a movie that I really like! It is called Fighting the Giants and there is a clip in it about doing your best. I couldn’t help but think of the conversation that I had had with my friend. It is a scene in where the star Football player does a death crawl. No, this isn’t just a football movie, it really is so much more! Trust me, I am not a football fan at all! Not to offend any Football fans, but it just puts me to sleep.

Here is the clip that I am talking about. Listen to theΒ  message in it. This is just one of many positive messages in this movie. I think it isΒ  very good and hope you do as well! How is your attitude? Are you really giving it your Best?



23 thoughts on “Are you Giving It Your Best?

  1. Am I doing all I can do to grow my business or am I allowing fear and disappointment to cloud my momentum? I have a goal that am close to meeting. I thought I had what I needed to reach that goal but something happened and what I thought was going to happened didn’t.

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      • That’s the thing I am trying to remember after all I did pray that God would bring me the right people- that doesn’t mean I get to sit back and do nothing I am still to do my part and leave the rest to him (that’s the hard part)

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    • Becky – Do not give up an any goal!

      I had a goal to run a Marathon once, but I started running into knee problems when my training runs were exceeding 20km (Marathon = 42km). I consulted a sports doctor who determined that I had a leg length discrepancy, and my hip had dropped as a way of compensating for it… hence the problem. I had to either abandon my goal, or re-evaluate my schedule and timing. I did not want to abandon my goal and so was fitted for orthotics which would help to compensate for the leg length discrepancy… but they had to be broken in gradually so I deferred my training by a few months,but stayed focused on my goal. A few months later, another knee problem! I was getting “needle like” shooting pain through my right knee (on the shorter leg). It turned out that I needed surgery to clean up some torn ligaments, or I could stop running. Six months later, I completed my first Marathon!

      Please don’t ever lose sight of your goals. Sure you may have to reschedule. Sure things are going to happen which may be a challenge, but stay focused on what you want to do. You deserve the absolute best that you can give yourself… and just imagine the pleasure of achieving your goal! Keep smiling, and stay positive!

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  2. I am trying to look at success not so much in the accomplishments I am able to achieve or how good my attitude is. Success, in my life, is in my heart and following the path that God has laid out for me. My success may be something no one on this side of death will ever see or measure. If I try to measure myself and my success by earth’s standards, I will always come up short, but by the grace of God, He will help me to succeed in large and small victories that matter to Him. I am not where I should be on many of my days, but thankfully, I am not where I was.

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  3. Sometimes our best is not enough. When I left my previous relationship after 8 years, I know I had done my best to make things work. There was nothing I could do to make things better and I didn’t even like the man anymore. I have no regrets, no thoughts of ‘If only’, or ‘What if’ as I’d done all that, and he didn’t want it. His loss.

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  4. Of course, we can’t always do our best, because by definition it is better than whatever we do most of the time! Usually I would define success as accomplishing what I set out to do — that is, provided I haven’t managed to mess up anything else while I was about it πŸ™‚


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