Tuesday’s Thoughts

Good Morning! When was the last time you went bowling? We went bowling on Saturday night.   I may not know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know it is definitely not a professional bowler! 🙂  My ball had a mind of its own! As for my husband’s ball, apparently it had a magic spell on it. He was getting strike after strike after strike! I was sitting there shaking my head. So which type of bowler are you? My husband who was on a roll Saturday night, or me, who doesn’t like the gutters to feel too lonely! Whichever you are, I hope you enjoy these quotes for today! Have a Terrific Tuesday!



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11. And I couldn’t resist posting this picture that popped up! 45cbf4dee26b742983a8c18e78f5d153  Feel free to  post your caption for this in the comments. 🙂


18 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts

    • Hi! Thanks for your comments! Planting the seeds is important, we sometimes get so impatient to see the reaping that we forget that.
      Thanks for your sweet wishes for a stress free Tuesday, same to you!!
      There was something about Piglet’s quote that just warmed my heart when I saw it. You never can be too old for Pooh Bear 🙂

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      • Of course I do.
        “What on earth is the Man-Servant babbling on about down there now? We have to give all the credit possible to Odessa for putting up with him, but then… he is only human. I guess we should just feel sorry him. It’s not his fault that his genetic basis has so many flaws in it. Isn’t it great being a Barn Owl?”

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  1. I have a few bowling tricks that my parents taught me back in their league days but those tricks don’t work as well now that my body doesn’t cooperate as much!

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  2. Piglet is wise… tea and honey can fix many things! As for bowling, well, I used to be pretty good at it when I was a teenager, and still have a bowling ball gathering dust in a corner of my basement closet under the stairs.

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    • Never too old for Pooh and Piglet 🙂
      Well maybe it is time to dust off that old bowling ball. 🙂 My Dad bowled in a league. He was very good! I did not get that gene passed on to me. 🙂


  3. Bowling? Now, there is a topic. 🙂 Years and years ago, there was a physical education requirement at a junior college I was attending. I am the most unathletic person around and decided bowling sounded okay since I grown up bowling with friends. At the end of my secondary education, I had all A’s except for a B in bowling. 🙂 So, thanks for the chuckle.

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