Smiles for Moms

b0bf15bcfd35fc09b2ca989e7dbef296We know its true, so we may as well wear a shirt that says it right? I was the “baby” of 4, so of course I was the favorite. 🙂 My darling children have these shirts and yes they take turns at being my favorite. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Moms! I am so grateful for my Mom, who I know always has my back! I wouldn’t be who I am today without her guiding love and her prayers!

Motherhood is a TOUGH job, so I thought we all could use some smiles! But I can’t miss saying that I am very thankful to be a Mom to my amazing children! I love them unconditionally and they truly do make me smile every day! I think they have made every emotion there is cross my face, but today we will concentrate on the smiles, joy and laughter they provide! I dreamed of being a Mom ever since I was a little girl and taking care of my baby dolls. Little did I know how much the experience would transform my life and I am so thankful for the honor.

718eafa9d2ce5490e1b7f9719146a92f I am glad to say that I always turned off the beaters for my kids. 🙂

0eb4dba26346eac4a6619e55fdfa397d For you Mom’s out there with little ones, this is for you! I do remember these days. I also remember the carousel that was right in front of Kmart. It cost .25cents to ride. My children loved it! Always wanted a ride before we went in the store. The deal was if they were good, they would get a ride when we left the store! It really was too bad that the grocery store didn’t have a carousel. 🙂

bdce5688e3ecedc50da31966361b1227OH Yes! These really were true for me, what about you??

Have a wonderful day everyone!

16 thoughts on “Smiles for Moms

  1. I love the shirt. Whenever I get something for one of my four and not the others, inevitably I hear why did you so and so something and not me my response has become “because I love them more” lol 😂 They have each gotten the because I love them more.

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    • They need the shirts! 🙂 I also bought the shirts for my sisters and I. I thought I would be nice and get them each one, even though we all know the truth. LOL! I bought them for all of us after my Mom had open heart surgery. It made her smile.

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  2. Happy Mother’s Day! It definitely has its ups and downs, especially with a clingy 2 year old. But I know that one day I’ll look back and only remember the fond memories and wish I could go through them again.

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