Dewey’s Flight: Back to the Farm!

One more story in Dewey’s Adventure. I am pretty confident that he is not going to want to try another flying adventure again. I think he learned his lesson. Cats aren’t meant to fly! Plus he needs to listen to what his friends tell him. Will he listen to them next time?? Well…. he is a cat, remember! 🙂

Dewey’s Flight: Chapter 7 – Back to the Farm!

 Odessa, Florence and Hermione escorted Dewey back to the farm, but it took a lot longer than it should have, because of Dewey’s damaged wing. Soon however, the farm house and the barn were in sight and the four of them slowly dropped down and landed in the yard.

Jaxon saw them land and called the Man-Servant. “Dewey’s back! Dewey’s back! Odessa, Florence and Hermione are with him!” The Man-Servant came out of the farmhouse and walked to where they had all gathered. “So I guess you were totally lost until these three owls found you. Right?” he said to Dewey. “You owe them big time because, in case you had forgotten, owls usually sleep during the day!” Dewey looked rather subdued. “Sorry Odessa. Sorry Florence. Sorry Hermione.” He then turned to the Man-Servant “Is my bowl of food waiting for me?”

 Odessa took charge of the conversation. “Forget food for a while Dewey. Do you have any idea how much danger you were in?” Dewey just looked at her. “My wings feel funny.” Odessa stomped around for a few seconds. “Dewey you lunatic cat, you could have been killed.” The Man-Servant had been listening. “What are you talking about Odessa. Where did you find him?” Odessa just looked at the Man-Servant, and then at Dewey. “Are you going to tell him what happened out there, or would you like me to?”

 Dewey looked up at the Man-Servant. “I got rather carried away and ended up near the Big Water. On my way back here, I was attacked by a hawk.” Odessa then explained how the three of them had found Dewey and realized that a hawk was diving down on him so they lined themselves up and then kept diving down onto it until it gave up and flew away. Odessa then stared at Jaxon. “And what were you thinking giving Dewey those wings?” Jaxon shuffled his feet on the ground. “Well I thought it would be fun, and I did tell Dewey to stay low and where we could see him.” Odessa looked in shock at Jaxon. “He’s a cat Jaxon! What more do you need to know! Cats will always do what they want to do. It doesn’t matter what you say, or what they agree to… that’s just the way cats are!”

 All four of them decided to carry on the conversation in the farmhouse, and once they had all settled down, Dewey once again complained about his wings. Jaxon looked at him and grinned. “What do they feel like Dewey? Like weak? Like you cannot move them?” “Yes” said Dewey “That’s exactly how they feel. What’s wrong with them?” Jaxon laughed out loud. “Be thankful that you are not flying high over the fields near the Big Water Dewey. The magic is wearing off and you would be falling to the ground from a great height, just like any normal cat. You would probably not survive the fall my friend!”

 Dewey looked at the faces that were now watching him. “That could have really been serious couldn’t it? Thanks guys for coming to my rescue and bringing me back.” The Man-Servant sat down on the floor next to Dewey. “Dewey” he said “You really must listen to what people tell you.” Dewey looked at him “You mean like you?” “Yes” said the Man-Servant “Like me”. Dewey stood up and looked straight at him. “Well how come my bowl is still empty. Just how bad are your listening skills!” Odessa rolled her eyes and, looking at Florence and Hermione said “C’mon guys. We can do no more here. It’s time to sleep!”


9 thoughts on “Dewey’s Flight: Back to the Farm!

    • Thanks for reading and yes I hope so! I do believe he learned the lesson about flying,but unfortunately Dewey’s curiosity can be a magnet for trouble.Who knows what predicament he could find himself in next!

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  1. Lol. Don’t know how much Dewey learned except not to let Jacob n give him the magic to fly. He didn’t seem so concerned about the Hawk now that he was saved. Also, I wondered how come when the hawk hurt his wings Dewey was not in pain?

    Overall great story!

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  2. I realize I’m seriously behind in catching up with the Moonbeam Farm gang, but I’m wondering about the human Florence who solved their roadway problem and was supposed to move into the farmhouse. Will she be appearing in future stories and involved in some of the adventures?

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