Dewey’s Flight: The Battle!

Good Morning! One of your biggest questions may be answered today! What will happen to Dewey? Do you think he will ever attempt to fly again?  Will Odessa and the other owls successfully rescue Dewey or……??? Enjoy another part of Colin’s suspenseful tale. 🙂 If you missed Part 5, here is the link to it. Dewey’s Flight: Chapter 5-Meanwhile!

Dewey’s Flight: Chapter 6 – The Battle!

 While all that was going on, Dewey was watching the hawk on its dive in his direction. He suddenly realized that its intent was to attack him, and immediately made a sharp turn. The hawk just missed him, although one of its outstretched claws did catch one of Dewey’s wings. Dewey was now totally focused on what it was doing, and totally forgot about trying to find Moonbeam Farm.

 He watched it gaining height once again, and then he saw it turn towards him. This time he was ready with a plan. He was going to wait until the very last moment, and then turn and dive towards the ground. He thought that perhaps the hawk would try and follow him and perhaps hit the ground.  As the hawk started another dive towards him, he just waited. Just before it would have caught him in its claws, Dewey made a very sharp turn and went down to within a few feet of the ground. The hawk followed him down but, at the last minute, it decided to regain some height and start again.

 Dewey did contemplate landing and running across the fields, but his wings would get in the way of his back legs so he really couldn’t run very well.  “Hooked nose” was probably very experienced at chasing creatures on the ground anyway!  He decided that, as landing was almost certainly going to end in disaster, he would just fly high enough to allow him to twist and turn, and hopefully confuse the hawk. He was starting to get a little tired now, but did manage to gain sufficient height that he could maneuver in any direction he wished when he had to.

 The hawk was starting another dive, and Dewey was waiting for the right moment to suddenly change direction. As it came closer and closer, Dewey just waited and waited. Suddenly, he made a sharp turn to the left, dropped down and made another turn to the right. The hawk was again foiled, but did once again catch a wing with one of its claws! This was worse than the first time and Dewey noticed that now it was not working as well as it should.

 He once again climbed back up into the sky and wondered what he had left to do. It was not going to leave him alone, and he was tired, and he had a damaged wing. He watched the hawk repeat its routine of climbing, turning and then diving. He waited right until the last moment and was about to make a sharp turn when he heard a lot of noises just above him. He looked up and saw Odessa who had just pounced on the hawk.  Florence and Hermione were in line behind her and diving in sequence so it could do nothing but try and fend off its attackers. Soon the battle was over and the hawk flew away.

 Odessa dropped down to fly next to Dewey. “Well… for a cat… I guess you just set a new standard in thoughtlessness! Didn’t it ever occur to you that there are aerial predators that are designed for flying… unlike you! Just look at yourself. You have two wings sticking out your sides, and four legs hanging down below. Unlike birds, you’re about as far from being aerodynamic as you can get! Really! What will you think of next? Anyway, be thankful that we got here in time. Now let’s get you home.”


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