Tuesday’s Thoughts

Good Morning! Yes, Dewey is still up there in the sky with the Hawk, I promise Part 6 will be posted tomorrow. As your suspense builds I thought that perhaps you needed a break. A break to focus on some things not as worrisome as wondering if the Hawk catches Dewey or not. Enjoy these quotes and there may be a few surprise ones at the end, that have to do with the latest Dewey Story. Have a great day!




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5. 33a0f98c07b7f875839f74ffe3cde89e Just don’t swoop down on Dewey!




9. I thought I would let you with a a few quotes of the emails I sentΒ  back to Colin when he was sending me Dewey’s Flight story and I was reading it part by part.Β  This would be after I read Part 4. See, I felt the same curiosity as all of you. πŸ™‚

“Colin!!!! Umm..Part 5 please!! ”

“Colin!! you ……… I mean Most Kind Friend, are you planning on sending me Part 5 soon? ”

“This is just not looking very good for Dewey!”

10. And now after I read Part 5, you will see how patient a person I am. πŸ™‚

“No…no…no! I thought I would read a nice ending , not another part to be continued! How long is this story??”

“The Man-Servant was already Wacky enough to let Dewey try this in the first place and now Dewey is in mid-air, with a hawk chasing him! Here I thought it was dangerous when you had him in a boat. But Gee.. whatΒ  did I know! ”

And what replies did I get?? Pretty sure you can guess, but I will show you.

“You’ll find out after I have finished writing it, and after I have sent it to you! Patience!”

“What did you know indeed! :)”

I know those quotes are a little different from my typical Tuesday’s quotes, but thought you may enjoy seeing a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes of these stories that Colin and I write. It can get quite interesting! πŸ™‚ As always thanks for being faithful readers and enjoying the stories with us!


15 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts

  1. Great thoughts. Your comment on the hawk made me smile. Even though we know Dewey will be okay, we still sit on edge waiting to hear the end. Like a Hallmark movie, we know the end, but it’s about the journey. We love the journeys with these characters.

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    • Exactly! Glad I made you smile. πŸ™‚
      Ironically there was a Hawk that flew over the playground at work today. It’s rare that we see Hawks. It kept swooping down but I didn’t see Dewey in its talons , so I believe its safe to say that Dewey is safe. πŸ™‚


  2. Loved the Anne Frank quote. She was so young, and yet had a huge impact on humanity around the world with her diary and her thoughts therein. I sincerely hope that she is never, ever forgotten.
    In a world that appears to moving towards self-serving driven by materialistic values; towards discrimination driven by irresponsible nationalistic rhetoric, and towards total indifference to people around the world who are suffering for a wide range of reasons… none of which can they control. We need the examples of Anne Frank to remind us of who we are. To remind us that the “love thy neighbor” concept is the basis of all major religions including Christianity. To remind us that we should treat everybody in the same manner as we would like them to treat us. It is so simple, and Anne Frank’s young mind saw it so clearly. Now the adults just have to catch on to it!

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    • Yes, this was my favorite quote this time for I agree she was a remarkable girl!
      I was inspired by her when I first read her story when I was young and I made sure my kids read her book.
      As you said, if only the adults could catch on to her way of thinking!!

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  3. I had the same thought as you when I was reading #5 (before I saw your side note)! Also, in the spirit of things, when I read #3 my first thought was “are we sure about this…??” Lol. Oh my. Thanks for a smile on this Tuesday (that feels a bit like a second Monday) πŸ™‚

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  4. I like Advice from a Hawk — and I would’ve been nagging about being left in suspense about Dewey’s peril too. πŸ™‚


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