Dewey’s Flight: Chapter 4

You may want to make sure that you are sitting down when you read this part. Feel free to ask Colin any questions that you want in the comments below! I am guessing that you will have questions in your mind after reading this, but then again…… 🙂

Dewey’s Flight: Chapter 4 – Dewey’s Final Flight!

The Man-Servant and Jaxon watched him as he made his turn and was clearly heading for the fields behind the barn. They then started walking in that direction, but Dewey was completely out of sight! Jaxon was concerned and turned to the Man-Servant. ‘Are all cats like Dewey?” The Man-Servant was looking everywhere in the sky for Dewey, and then looked down to Jaxon. “Probably!” he said “You are wondering why he is totally ignoring your instructions to stay within sight and close to the ground aren’t you?” “Yes” said Jaxon “I am. He is putting himself in a possibly dangerous situation and I don’t understand why he would do that!”

 The Man-Servant just looked up into the sky again and, scratching his chin while clearly deep in thought, said “Well Jaxon. The thing about cats is that they are very stubborn creatures, and will do whatever they want to do. They will listen to you, but will still end up doing what they wanted to do anyway. That’s just the way they are. It’s a pity I didn’t remember that before I agreed to this magic stuff. So what do you recommend we do now Jaxon?” Jaxon said, without any hesitation “We must try and find him. When the magic wears off, he is going to be coming down somewhere and at a very fast speed!”

 Dewey, in the meantime, was flying so high that he could see houses and farms way below him. He thought how small everything looked. It was not long before he saw the Big Water, but decided not to go over it as he remembered Odessa’s experience, so instead he turned around and what a surprise he got! Coming directly towards him was a very large bird! He soon realized that it was what the Man-Servant called a hawk and, from what he remembered, they were not particularly friendly birds!

 The hawk kept its distance from Dewey but started circling around him. Dewey was not sure what it was trying to do, but starting feeling rather uncomfortable. He knew very little about birds, other than the small ones are fun to play with and can taste really good, but now here he was in their domain… and with a big one circling him.

 He kept watching the hawk in case it made a sudden move towards him, but he also wanted to look around to see which direction he should go to reach Moonbeam Farm. He suddenly saw, off to his right, the field which eventually would join another field which would reach the barn. Just as he started to turn towards it, the Hawk moved in much closer and was now studying Dewey. Dewey looked into those piercing eyes, and saw that very lethal looking beak, and he was suddenly afraid.

 Given his lack of alternatives, he just kept flying as fast as he could over the fields. He suddenly realized just how big those fields were, and how slow he must be going. The hawk moved in much closer now so that their wing tips were almost touching. Dewey was getting convinced that “hooked nose” did not want to be friends and, as conversation was impossible… what should he do?

 “Where’s Jaxon when you need him?” thought Dewey. “I need a translator here so that I can talk to ‘hooked nose’. Perhaps he would like to be friends with a flying cat. Perhaps…” He suddenly realized that the hawk had disappeared. He looked all around, and saw it well off to the side and gaining height really fast. Dewey heaved a sigh of relief as it had obviously lost interest in him, but then he started to really worry for it had turned back towards him and was in a very fast dive!


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    • Yes, I was thinking that and more when I read this for the first time. Still shake my head at the ,”Cats are stubborn….It’s a pity I didn’t think of that.” lines!


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