Dewey’s Flight: Chapter 3

Happy Saturday! So do you think Dewey will actually fly? I remember so clearly the thoughts I had when I was reading this for the first time.  I told Colin that I couldn’t help but laugh, but I also was feeling a little embarrassed for Dewey! Yes, these characters do grow on you, and I will admit I may have a soft spot in my heart for Dewey, though I do love them all! Enjoy Part 3, A flying cat? Who would have thought!

Dewey’s Flight: Dewey’s First Flight!

In less than five minutes, Dewey was standing there feeling rather silly because, although he felt like a cat, he certainly did not look like one. He tried to bring up a back paw to scratch himself, but it caught up on one of his new wings. “Okay genius” he said to Jaxon “How do these things work?” Jaxon looked at him and shook his head. “Dewey, you just have to do what you have seen millions of birds do. Flap them!”

 Dewey just stood there flapping his new wings, but nothing happened. “It might help” said the Man-Servant “If you put a little more effort into it!” Dewey just looked at him, and turned away without saying anything. Jaxon then decided to try and help. “Dewey” he said “Birds do not usually stand still and flap their wings. They usually get moving forwards while they are flapping! It helps them to take advantage of the air to support them. Just start running and flap those wings as hard as you can!”

 Dewey was not convinced, but he started running across the field and flapping his wings, but to no avail. “I know” said Jaxon. “We need to get on a higher place so that you can jump off and fly, just like baby birds do when they leave their nest!”

 After another five minutes, Jaxon, the Man-Servant, and a very apprehensive Dewey, were all standing on the roof of the farmhouse! “Now all you have to do Dewey is jump off the roof and have faith that flapping your wings will stop you from falling!”

 Dewey started running slowly towards the roof edge with Jaxon running right behind him. Just as he reached the very edge, he stopped… but Jaxon didn’t! All Dewey knew was that immediately after he had stopped, something hit him from behind and pushed him over the edge of the roof! As he started falling, he heard voices shouting “Flap your wings Dewey! Flap your wings!”

 Dewey panicked and started frantically waving his wings up and down. He suddenly realized that he was moving forwards now but still going down, although much slower. He pulled his four legs up beneath his stomach, and concentrated on working his wings, and found that he could steer himself without too much trouble. He was flying!

 Jaxon and the Man-Servant watched as Dewey discovered how to use his wings. Dewey eventually flew right down and started to circle around them. “Look at me!” he shouted over to them “Look at me! A flying cat! This is so cool!”  The Man-Servant and Jaxon did indeed look at him, but what they saw was a seemingly out of control creature flying directly towards the barn. Before they could say anything, Dewey hit the door and fell to the ground. He stood up and looked around. “What happened?” he said. Jaxon was the first one to get to him and heard his question. “Well Dewey” he said “The first lesson in flying must always be to look where you are going!”

 Dewey looked at Jaxon. “I rather liked the sense of flying” he said, and then proceeded to run as fast he could across the yard while flapping his wings. Suddenly his feet left the ground; he was airborne once more and, after a quick turn to avoid the farm house, he was last seen heading over the fields!


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