Dewey’s Flight: Working the Magic

Good Morning! I am smiling as I read this story again and shaking my head. Dewey so innocently trusts Jaxon. What will happen? If you missed yesterday’s post, Part 1, here is a link. Dewey’s Flight!. Enjoy and have a great day!

Dewey’s Flight: Chapter 2 – Working the magic!

The Man-Servant had been just listening to the conversation, but then decided to get involved. “Jaxon” he said “How sure are you that this can be done and, if you need to reverse it, can that be done? How safe will Dewey be? Jaxon looked quite unconcerned. “I’ve been doing a lot of research into my magic, and it does not seem to be complicated to give Dewey the ability to fly. As for reversing it? I won’t need to because the magic has a quite short life so Dewey will lose the flying ability quite naturally. Of course if he is very high when the magic wears off, then they’ll be nothing natural about his descent back to earth!”

Dewey started walking towards the door, but then he stopped and turned. “Are you telling me that you can make me fly, or that you can give me the ability to fly? Like… will I be in control of things?” ”Sorry” said Jaxon. “I should be clearer. You will be in total control in that you will have wings! The only thing you must be careful about is how your wings feel. Once they start feeling weak, then you must land as soon as you can because the magic is then wearing off!” The Man-Servant once again interrupted. “Jaxon, I am really not too sure about this. How long do you think the magic will last? Days? Weeks?” Jaxon laughed “Oh not that much time. It will probably be for just a few hours!”

Dewey was still at the doorway and looking at Jaxon. “So, if I agree to this, I will be able to fly wherever I want? I can fly over other farms and houses and look for food that has been put out for other dogs and cats” Jaxon nodded. “You will be in total control Dewey.” “Well” said Dewey “I’m game. How do we get this magic thing started?”

Jaxon looked at the Man-Servant. “Are you with us on this adventure?” The Man-Servant was obviously concerned. “I really don’t know Jaxon.” He said. “You are the only one who has any experience of magic. It does sound very interesting, but what could go wrong?” Jaxon called Dewey over to join them. “Now listen both of you, because we must all understand this magic. The only risk to Dewey is if he does not listen to my instructions! Dewey, you must stay where we can see you, and low to the ground. There are unknowns with flying, and then of course there is the magic wearing off, so we need to know where you are at all times just in case we have to come and get you!”

“Okay” said Dewey, and the Man-Servant smiled and nodded his agreement. “Let’s do it Jaxon!” Jaxon took them over to the field behind the barn. “This is where you will learn to fly Dewey. There are lots of shrubs and grass to give you a soft landing if necessary.” Jaxon then asked Dewey to just stand still and wait while he did the magic. The Man-Servant watched with great interest. Dewey had never been this motionless before, at least not while he was awake, and Jaxon was totally self-absorbed.

Jaxon suddenly looked up with a big grin. “It’s done!” he said. Dewey just looked at him “That was it? Where’s my wings?” The Man-Servant suddenly looked closer at Dewey. “Dewey” he said “What’s that?” as he pointed towards Dewey’s side between his front and back legs. “I can’t feel anything” said Dewey. “Well just look!” said the Man-Servant. Dewey looked at both his sides, and then at Jaxon. ”What is happening to me Jaxon?” “Well Dewey my friend, you are at this moment growing wings!” Dewey did not know whether to be happy are very concerned at what was now happening. Jaxon sensed his confusion and said “Don’t worry Dewey. In a few minutes I will teach you how to fly. It’s really not difficult when you have wings!”  (“Like you would know!” murmured Dewey to himself”)

6 thoughts on “Dewey’s Flight: Working the Magic

    • I will just say that when Colin was sending me this story part by part I MAY have been replying back. May have said,” What are you doing?? Don’t let Dewey get hurt, he is a special cat!” 🙂


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