Dewey’s Flight!

Happy Thursday! The end of the week is upon us soon! I thought I would treat all of you to another one of Colin’s stories  about our 4 crazy, adventuresome friends. What are the Man-Servant and Odessa and Dewey and Jaxon up to now? You probably will never guess!

For my new readers;  if this is your first time reading an adventure about our 4 friends, let me give a little background. Dewey is a care-free cat that has a knack for getting himself into trouble.  Jaxon is a magical Jackalope, the only one of his kind on earth!  Odessa is…. Odessa 🙂 She is an outspoken owl that can put the Man-Servant in his place, including Jaxon and Dewey, but she cares deeply for all of them as well. And last but definitely not least is the Man-Servant who tries to keep his sanity as he takes care of them all on MoonBeam Farm.

As for Colin and I? We are the puppets who these crazy characters talk to. They work their cunning charm at telling us what to write, For the times that we think we know what we are doing, they are quick to tell us that we really don’t have a clue. They take over the pen and an adventure is started!


Dewey’s Flight: Chapter 1 – The Idea!

It was early morning, and as the sun was rising over Moonbeam Farm, Odessa came over the roof of the farmhouse and then turned and flew into the barn through the doorway. She went directly to her roof beam, where she settled down for her daytime sleep. She had been out for most of the night just flying around her neighborhood to see what was going on, after which she would have hunted for food. Now it was just time to get comfortable and go to sleep!

The Man-Servant and Dewey were both in the yard and watched her as she appeared over the farmhouse roof and, with her large wings outstretched, they watched her glide in through the barn door opening and out of sight!

“Amazing!” said the Man-Servant to Dewey. “It must be amazing to be able to fly.” Dewey just looked up at him and was thinking how more amazing it would be if they went inside and the Man-Servant gave him his breakfast!

Jaxon came hopping out of barn. “Hi guys” he said “What’s up?” Dewey turned to face him and said “Nothing’s up. Not even my breakfast at the moment! The Man-Servant is just standing here admiring Odessa’s flying ability and probably wishing that he had wings!” Jaxon looked thoughtful. “Hey Dewey” he said. “Have you ever thought what it would be like to have wings?” “Not really, and certainly not at the moment because I ‘m thinking more about my breakfast!

All three of them turned and went into the farmhouse, and the Man-Servant gave Dewey his breakfast, and then prepared his own. “Can I get you anything Jaxon?” he asked. “No thanks” said Jaxon. “I’ve been nibbling on grass and plants for the past half hour!”

When Dewey and the Man-Servant had finished their meal, the three of them went into the family room and sat in their usual places for when they plan new adventures, or discuss old ones. The Man-Servant, being the one who usually starts the conversations, slapped his hands on his legs and said “Well you two. What shall we talk about today? A new adventure perhaps?” Jaxon was clearly excited about something. Dewey looked at him suspiciously. “What’s going on in that little bunny brain of yours?” he said.”

Jaxon just hopped up and down, and around in circles until the Man-Servant put a hand on Jaxon’s shoulder to stop him from moving. “What’s up Jaxon? What are you so excited about?” Jaxon looked a little thoughtful “Perhaps we should wait until Odessa is here” he said. “But Odessa will be asleep until this evening” said the Man-Servant. Dewey then added “We really don’t have to wait for Odessa. We can tell her all about it later. So what’s got your tail in a spin Jaxon?”

Jaxon looked directly at Dewey. “Would you like to fly… like Odessa?” Dewey looked rather stunned by the question. “Jaxon” he said. “It was the Man-Servant here who thinks flying must be amazing.” “I know” said Jaxon “but my magic is not that effective on humans, but on animals?” Dewey got up and walked around for a few moments. “Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting?” “I don’t know what you are thinking Dewey, but I think that I can make you fly!”

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