The Bicycle Surprise

The rain had finally stopped and Jinx and Jangle were glad. Now they could use their new bicycles that Santa had sent them. Yes, they had got another big package from the North Pole after receiving the one with the stuffed reindeer in it. They were delighted with the fun surprise of bikes.

Jangle said, “You know what, I think Santa really does miss us.” Jinx shook his head, “With as much trouble as we caused?” Jangle smiled as he replied,  “Oh you caused more trouble then I did! So perhaps I am wrong, maybe it is only me that Santa misses.”   Jinx muttered something in reply as they headed out the door into the sunshine.

They were enjoying the light breeze as they rode on their bikes on a lovely nature trail. They had decided to visit the Oahu trail  that they had heard so much about.  After riding for a little while they came upon a nice spot  to stop for a rest. Jangle pulled out some brownies from his backpack. Jinx said, ” I have to say, you make the absolute best brownies. So moist, soft and chocolaty.”

After getting back on the trail they passed some other bikers and gave a friendly wave. The bikers smiled back but had a strange look in their eyes.

“Hey Jangle, do you think those other bikers were jealous of our bikes ? I couldn’t help but notice that their bikes didn’t have any bumper pads around them.”  As he was talking he missed the curve and fell splat right into a large puddle.

Jangle couldn’t hold back his laughter. “Well at least your bike is okay! You might want to wipe your chin though, there is a little mud on it. Of course that just matches the mud on your cheek. ”

Jinx wiped himself off the best he could and informed Jangle that he could buy the pizza tonight. “Gladly,” Jangle replied, “It sure beats your cooking!” He chuckled as he raced ahead of Jinx. He was laughing so hard he didn’t notice the big rock in the middle of the path. He hit it and flew over the handlebars into a rather large mud puddle.

He was standing up with a dazed look on his face as Jinx caught up to him. Jinx was trying to keep a straight face, but it was no use. Sometimes you just couldn’t control the expressions that crossed your face.  As Jangle was cleaning off his mud he told Jinx to not say a word! “Oh I won’t say just A word, I have several words that I am thinking of my friend, like this wonderful phrase; What goes around Comes around!”

Jinx waited for Jangle to get all cleaned off and they decided to head for home. They felt like they had enough of riding for the day.

Later that night, after the pizza, Jangle was in the kitchen mixing up some more of his delicious brownies.

Jinx  was looking at a photograph of them that had been taken back when they were in the North Pole. Yes, it would be good to get back there again for some more fun adventures.  But until then Jinx felt confident that they would keep finding adventures here in Hawaii.


For those of you who wonder what Jinx and Jangle look like, I found some pictures.

914edeb89a256af7ad3ae15392dab465 Jangle                                             46d6e212f2ad86c608eebecf6b643e2eJinx



6 thoughts on “The Bicycle Surprise

  1. I have to admit, I was wondering if Jangle baked any funny stuff into the brownies that might have contributed to Jinx’s little mishap! 🙂

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