The Power in Choices

How are you at making choices? Granted there are some choices that are a lot easier to make compared to others.

I know that when my husband and I are trying to decide something simple, like where to eat, we will tell the other one to make the choice. I am sure that we are not the only ones that have this battle. It is easier sometimes to just let the other person decide. My friends and I will do the same thing.

There are times though where you need to make the choice. Bigger, more important choices where your input is needed. If you don’t make the choice, you could be sorry about the end result.

I came across an story about our former President, Ronald Reagan, when he was a child. He went to a shoe cobbler and the cobbler asked him if he wanted brown or black shoes. He said he didn’t know. The cobbler then asked if he wanted the top of the shoe to be rounded or square. Again Ronald Reagan couldn’t make the choice. When they later went to pick up the shoes, Ronald Reagan was dismayed that one shoe was black and one was brown. One had a rounded top and another one had a square top!

The cobbler told him to let the shoes serve as a reminder that there are times we need to make choices and not always count on others to make choices for us. Ronald Reagan said he never forgot that lesson.

I thought it was a good lesson to pass on. Not every choice is a big choice, but with every choice we do have the option to choose or to pass on the power to someone else. Sometimes passing on the power is fine, and then there are the times where you could end up with a “square shoe.” So be wise, before you choose!

9 thoughts on “The Power in Choices

  1. Great story to illustrate a very good point. In the past I allowed others to make choices for me, now I am a lot more intentional about what I choose to do and how I go about doing it. With age comes wisdom and I choose to use it wisely.

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  2. Great story JR. makes you think how even little choices are very powerful. And sometimes we have to choose without being sure, it’s just how life works. Thanks for sharing 💕

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