Friday’s Super Short Stories

Today I thought I would put a little twist to my post. It may not work, and if so, I won’t do it again. You never know if you don’t try though! 🙂

I was remembering back to when my kids were a lot younger. There would be times when we would do spontaneous stories. I would start by saying a line or 2 and then we would just take turns at adding to it. The stories could turn out to be quite interesting, and always brought laughter.  I figured why not try it on here! You don’t have to be a great writer to be able to write a short sentence or 2. That’s right, you don’t have to count words, just keep it short. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, just have fun with it.  Don’t be shy, just write your phrase and see what the next person does with it. You can come back and add to the story as often as you want. Who knows what all of us could come up with? GO! Be Daring!

Long, long ago, down in a lush green valley, there was a tiny house.

23 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories

  1. It wasn’t much of a house really, but since her husband had passed away, the memories, of the things he said, his facial expressions, the dinners and the conversations they had at the table, often kept her going. And as she looked out of the kitchen window, their kitchen window, every so often she could see his spirit standing in the garden, sometimes bent over, planting, another row of peas.

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  2. But this time as she looked out the window she saw a sight that she had never seen before. Something strange was growing out of the garden. She decided she had to go outside and take a closer look at it.


  3. She paused a moment before she went to see the thing growing in her garden and she hoped it was safe to approach it. He looked like some weird blue fury creature and reminded her of that blue monster on Monsters Inc, James P. Sullivan. As she approached she saw that he was fully grown and as large as the blue monster from Monsters Inc. She took a step back when she heard a groan and wondered what was wrong with him.

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      • The creature opened big purple eyes and stared at the woman. He studied her a moment before saying, “What’s wrong with you you’re missing a foot ?” Where is all your coloured fur? Your an odd thing aren’t you? And haha, I got your joke. Where is this exactly?”

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        • “That was no joke!” she said. “And you are the one that is rather odd” The creature started inching its feet across the yard. “That looks very awkward.” said the woman. “It’s nothing really” said the creature. “I can keep this up for miles, or at least 1760 yards!” “Ah!” said the woman. “That would be quite a feat!” The creature looked at her and smiled. “Three actually!”

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  4. The woman was a little taken aback by him having.the nerve to call her Odd! She was struck speechless as how to reply. She couldn’t stop staring at his purple eyes. They were mesmerizing..


    • “Oh I forgot” she said. “You asked where you were? Well you are a long way from where you probably should be, and not much closer to where I thought you were but then, I am not where I thought I was anyway. I think we’re lost!”

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  5. Mesmerized, confused…. yes, that is how this creature made her feel. But there was something else… Iris couldn’t help feeling a certain familiarity, a sense of de ja vu about this scene. She was wondering whether it was safe to invite him back to the house where she had left a pot of soup simmering. Then, as if reading her mind, he cleared his throat and with a more human sounding voice said: ” Iris – you said your name was Iris? I am Tim. How about we make our way to that little house over there? It is yours isn’t it?

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  6. Stunned the women stared at the creature before her and replied “Yes, that is my home.” The two of them started walking towards the house, but the walk was taking longer than it should, it was as the house was moving farther and farther away fro them.

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    • Tim stopped. “Iris?” he said. “Why is the house moving?” Iris smiled. “It’s not actually moving Tim. It’s just that you are approaching it from the wrong direction. If you turn around and go in the opposite direction………!” Tim turned around and walked away from Iris and, sure enough, he was at the house’s back door at the same time as Iris reached the front door.They both met in the middle of the house!
      Tim again stopped “Iris? I don’t understand this house!” Iris was still smiling. “Of course you don’t” she said. “It’s not your house!”

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      • Now it was Tim’s turn to be confused.
        Why were there so many strange things in this house?
        “Have a seat at the table and I will bring you some soup,”
        Tim had almost forgotten that he was hungry, but his stomach was rumbling again. He took a seat and tried to clear his mind. Then he spied something very peculiar in the corner of the room.


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