Wednesday’s Wit

Good Morning! We are halfway through the week! As many of you know I work with children at a Daycare. My co-workers and I get excited about being halfway through the week. Don’t get us wrong, we do love our job and love the children, BUT… there are the days.

The temper tantrum days where they throw themselves on the floor kicking and screaming because “Joey” has the toy they want. Never mind that there are still plenty of toys to choose from to play with. Yesterday I made one of my 2 year olds pitch a fit, for I made them give back a toy that they had taken from the other child. As she was screaming on the floor, a co-worker asked what happened. I explained that I had her give back the toy that she had taken, and then just had to add, ” Because I am mean like that!” My friend started laughing. Hey, you have to have humor in a daycare or you easily can go crazy. Of course it does help to not be totally sane before you even start working at a daycare, for once you start working there, well… there’s no hope in gaining sanity.

As one co-worker stated, she doesn’t know how she could work in a professional office setting after working at the daycare. What we talk about at the daycare is not exactly the same lingo as in a professional setting. Such as…” What color is the poop and is it runny?” or “I am wearing a combo of drool, sour milk, and snot on me, what are you wearing today? The list goes on, but I think you get my point.

There are still many of us that don’t know what we are doing once the daycare closes in June, but we are confident that we will find something! For now, it is Wednesday, we made it halfway through the week and it is Music week. I wanted to leave you all with a song that just gives you a small taste of the kind of music I listen to all week. Enjoy, amidst the faces that you may be making at me as you listen.


24 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wit

  1. The martial arts school where I work has a day care starting at age two, as well as an after school program. If you think the conversations are interesting where you work try adding martial arts classes to the day care setting.

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      • Whenever I walk past the 2-3 year old room or the 4 year olds see me I get asked “Do I have karate today?” I also get to hear things like so in so hit me with the belt. So in so is cheating ( during warm ups) I also get to say things like we don’t use our karate on anything but Bobby Bully (the training dummy)


  2. Day care is never boring. Long, difficult, fun, silly, but never boring! Enjoy your days with the little ones, or as my husband used to refer to them, “the ankle biters”. 🙂

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  3. You have a patience that I never had. My don’t have children but have several nieces and nephews. One nephew in particular was problematic as a child. I had him on a “day trip” once. He threw a tantrum that was nuclear in nature. I never took him out again! Today he is a minister. He has a delightful son that has never thrown a tantrum in his life (he’s 15 now). I tell my nephew there is no justice for he did to all of us.

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  4. Working with children especially toddlers takes a lot of patience. It’s a roller coaster daily experience. Well done to you and your colleagues.


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