A Sunday Smile


This picture was sent to me by my friends today. The caption was, ” We heard it calling your name!”

27 years ago this pond did not look like this! 27 years ago I was in this pond more times then I can count! No, I did not swim in it. None of us did, for why swim in a pond, when the beach was only 10 minutes away!That is how the beach got in my soul, for I was there every day.

There were 9 of us that lived together in a house on Johns Island in South Carolina. A beautiful place. One of the best years of my life.

I was in the pond so muchΒ  because of being thrown in. Bullfrogs loved the pond as well and I was told that they wanted to see me. I wouldn’t want to make the bullfrogs sad, right? Did I ever deserve to be thrown in the pond?? Wellll… I’ll let you think what you want to think for that answer. πŸ™‚

I did text my friends back saying to give the frogs my apologies. That I wasn’t planningΒ  on swimming in there anytime soon! They laughed and said how they had just been at Kiawah Island, that was the beach we had went to all the time. I told them they were confused. They had heard the beach calling my name, not the pond!2bc31c5b6fae4b040c0634cd998bfbbc


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