The Flying Pigs

As promised in my earlier post, here is Part 2 to my Jinx and Jangle story. You can find out what was in the mysterious box. If you didn’t read Part 1, here is the link. The Mysterious Package


The Flying Pigs

Jinx and Jangle were staring at the objects that were pulled out of the bottom of the box. At first they had been delighted, for the first things they laid eyes on were some stuffed reindeer. There was a big message on top of them from Santa. He said how he guessed that they may be missing the reindeer and wondering if they would consider coming back in the Fall? They hooped and hollered and danced a little jig.

After their excitement died down a little, they proceeded to look in the rest of the box. This is when they started to get a perplexed look on their faces. There were stuffed pigs in the bottom of the box! Why on earth would Santa send them some stuffed pigs with wings? What did that mean? There was nothing said about them in the note.

“Do you have any clue Jinx as to what flying pigs could mean?” Jangle asked this as he paced the floor. “No, I really don’t, usually I have a good sense of what Santa is up to, but right now I feel totally clueless! Hey Jangle what time is it?” Jangle looked at his watch, “4pm, why did you ask, the clock is right in front of you.” Jinx rolled his eyes and said, ” Yes, the clock is in front of me but do you see what it says. I knew it had to be wrong. It says 12:00! Dumb clock stopped again! I think that clock is stopped more often then it runs!”  Jangle muttered to himself, ” sounds like an analogy to someone’s brain, that I know.” “What did you say Jangle?”, “Oh nothing important” he said, as he smiled.

They were hungry, so they made some supper. Hadn’t gone grocery shopping in awhile, so the  cupboards were pretty bare. Jinx ended up making some fluffer nutter sandwiches. “Oh this really is my favorite sandwich!” Jangle gave Jinx a strange look, “You really need to get better taste.” He said this as he ate a cup cheese sandwich.  “Now this is what is really good!”

Later that evening Jangle was relaxing in front of the television. Jinx was at the computer reading the Newspaper online.  ” Hey Jangle, listen to this! Someone wrote about flying pigs in an ad in the Lost and Found section.”  “Oh really, are they saying that they are missing some?” ” Not sure, said how they went flying by the window of a  guy who failed at catching them and now he is eating a big serving of humble pie.” Jangle gave Jinx a strange look.  ” I think maybe we should call it a night, this has been a confusing day.”  Jinx agreed, as he gave one more look at the flying pigs before turning off the light.

“Let’s go to the waterfall again tomorrow Jinx. If we are headed back to the North Pole in the Fall, I want to enjoy the beach and waterfalls as much as we can. Enjoy the weather before heading back to the freezing cold. ”  Jinx nodded, ” Sounds like a great plan to me! A plan that is bound to be perfect!” With those happy thoughts they slept soundly through the night.

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